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John Cena Reportedly Dealing with Major Injury Problems, Concern Over His WWE Future

– There has been talk within WWE for about 6-8 weeks that John Cena is still having problems with his shoulder but is now having more problems with his neck. These are longterm nagging issues that Cena has been dealing with.

It was also said that there are a lot of people within WWE keeping an eye on Cena to see where he will be going forward in regards to acting and not wrestling as much.

There are also people within WWE who say Cena appears to be in pain and they believe Cena has slowed down physically in the way he moves.

Source: PWInsider

  • Maybe step into an airplane turbine.

  • Robbie Murphy

    pmsl at that one

  • The Queen’s Gambit

    Yes, mayne it will generate higher ratings, but for WWE and Vince McMahon it gooes like this…

    Merchandise > Ratings

    That’s the reason that awful Cena’s belt design was active for around 8 years…

  • Kristoffer Binder

    which is still double brock’s 2 moves

  • what?

    Their never going to turn cena heel

  • batman

    but is now having more problems with his neck

    yeah okay. so just let the guy take 16 germans.. are WWE trying to murder cena? seems like they see a lot of money coming from his death

  • Solid Snake

    Time for him to step away for a bit, come back heel.

  • CC


  • Dave

    All those “Supercena” recoveries indicate that he must have rushed at least some of his rehab. And that is probably why he is having these problems now.

  • oppa

    Every time in the past that he’s been hurt, he’s made a fast recovery and it adds to his legend as SuperCena. Who’s to say this time is any different.

  • Scott Davies

    He has peeked. There is no shame in it. I think Cena needs to step aside.

  • #turnCENAheel

    turn cent heel already BEFORE it is to late.
    Heel CENA = Ratings!!!!!!

  • TheFizPop

    well if he has slowed down, give him 4 moves!! Switch him up a lil’ give the fans what they want