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John Cena Reportedly Suffers Knee Injury During Wyatt Family Angle on Tonight’s RAW

– PWInsider reports that John Cena suffered a knee injury during the angle with The Wyatt Family on tonight’s RAW from Green Bay. Erick Rowan reportedly grabbed Cena’s leg and held it in one position as the weight of his body went the other way as the others attacked him.

After that, Cena, who gutted through the rest of the segment and waved off WWE doctors at ringside, was unable to put weight on his leg. It appeared he may have dislocated or hyper-extended his knee. He was taken out on a stretcher during the commercial and word is that it’s not part of the angle.

Cole noted on commentary that Cena had a lot of swelling in the knee and was being evaluated by trainers.

Source: PWInsider

  • Mean Gene

    Can someone please tell me what is so great about the Wyatts?
    They have not impressed me at all. Sure Bray wyatt has great
    mic skills but he has shown nothing us very little in the ring.
    Rowan and harper are sub par wrestlers at best, that will disappear
    as soon as the Wyatt group disbands. They do nothing but punch,
    Kick and clothesline. Comparing them to other major stables they are
    bottomfeeders.So once again i ask….can anyone with a shred of
    common sense please explain why people love these guys?

  • nobody

    Cena was gonna Bury Wyatt anyway, he was going to AA both Rowan and Harper at the same time out of the ring, then AA bray and make him tap.

    What a way to kill a great stable, eh?

  • Phil

    Great. That means his next title reign is coming up. Out on injury. Comes back early. Wins title. Happens every time.

  • Graves

    I hope to God this keeps him off WM.