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John Cena Responds to The Rock’s Latest Video

Earlier today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a 10-minute video running down John Cena for talking trash about him on WWE’s recent Australian tour. Cena responded to The Rock on Wednesday afternoon with the following statement on Twitter:

“CeNation. Just saw Dwayne’s statement. Via satellite of course. Sad, really. It was like an episode of mad money.”

“I wonder if GLAAD will be offended by Dwayne’s comments.”

“Either way..looks like I have really made him mad. But, certainly not mad enough to show up and do anything. Maybe he can send a stuntman.”

“Dwayne. I am a WWE employee, and a proud one. The difference between us is you left for ‘greener pastures’. For me…this is what I love.”

“I have never begged for anyones admiration or acceptance, u don’t believe MITB. Its not about that. Its about showing up.”

Id rather wrestle a thousand ‘punks’ than one ‘rock’. Because I can see his passion. Wish I could see yours…yer just never there. πŸ™‚

“Until april 1st. Keep on bringing it my man. You’re doing great. Your friend John Cena”

  • Fanofboth

    Do you people realize that vince is who says what Cena says and does? yet you bash him all the time the guy bust his ass every day plus he isnt affraid to do things outside the ring for sick kids ect not many of your heros will take the time for that plus cena does well in the ring he could stand kick a mat or do same old shit like others yet there heros tho dont get me wrong i am a major rock fan will always be just still cena does what he is told him and rock are friends outside wrestling

  • Saintsman

    everyone who thinks Rock sold out can just suck it

  • king

    Ric flair still loves wrestling, Hulk hogan still loves wrestling Hell even Undertaker still loves wrestling! The Rock can love wrestling and not be in the ring every week….. He paid his dues back in the 90’s – 00’s when Cena was running away from home.

    Cena is at house shows because he wants a pay check too…. I bet If Vince told him he’ll make as much as a mid carder he’ll get pissed off in a heartbeat….

    Hands down the Rock will forever be the People’s Champion…. EVERYONE knows who he is!!!

  • Justin


    Yeah, I totally agree about your last point.

  • jay are

    what happened to the crock? he said he wont ever leave wwe again. next time we see him will be in the “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” segments!

  • ogitchida


  • Joshua


    Cena definitely talks about him and the other guys working their asses off for the fans. Which don’t get me wrong. He does. But Rock said it before, “It’s his job” I think Cena has a lot of passion for it. But working for Vince, Being famous and making millions…I don’t think he can really complain all that much. I’m sure there is quite a few wrestlers out there that would work every bit as hard as Cena if they were given all the perks Cena has. (Face of the WWE)

  • Joshua


    Yeah you make some really good points, Even I have to admit I’ve always been a tad bitter to The Rock because I grew up watching him and Austin tear it up in the attitude era, and it seem’d like he left for ages. Would come back for a few weeks. and then bam, He’s gone again. I’m not entirely sure he still feels about wrestling the way he use to. (I”m sure the PG product isn’t helping things either with how he feels) But as you said. I’m sure he still has fun with it, he is still as electrifying as ever in his videos/appearances in WWE. So I definitely respect that. In short I think people wouldn’t feel so “left behind” in a way. If he showed up more often, Not necessarily every event and every live show. But just occasionally, More than once a year. lol. And you’re into acting as well eh? I’m calling first autograph when you’re famous. Haha. πŸ˜›

  • F*ck Sake Guys

    Ok,Guys lets put his into perspective. I really like The Rock and I really like Cena. But if they let Rock win that is company suicide. I mean what sort of company would bring someone old who has had their time and make them beat the newcomer at the biggest event of the year’s main event. What so now they are going to put a belt on The Rock -_- . Wow you guys complain about Cena having to many titles. But if Rock won then that is just ridiculous!

  • john

    It’s Going TO Be Sad When, CM Punk Wins and We Don’t See Cena At WM. NOT REALLY THOUGH!!!

  • CenaSucks

    OK I will try say this as simple as possible.


    Oh and Cena, Rock blew your arguement out the water, and what did you do, came back with the same arguement on twitter lol

  • Mac Henrix

    @ DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling I have to agree with you. We have seen too much Rock & Cena. They should taka a break and return to Royal Rumble

  • Treg

    same old shit.. *yawn* Are they really gonna say the same stuff over and over until next year?

  • Justin


    And as for Cena–he’s got to worry about himself. He’s aiming for pops based on how hard he and other wrestlers work. It’s pathetic. Just stick to the story. The Rock did that only once, and it was when Austin walked out. Enough about the fans, and the love, and the passion for wrestling. I just want to see these guys want to beat the crap out of each other. It’s wrestling and entertainment, a fictional tale, and not a documentary behind the scenes of it all. If Cena wants to profess these values, let him narrate and direct Beyond the Mat 2.

  • Justin


    Ha no problem, man. Thing is, I can understand people challenging his passion because he left and sort of “abandoned” wrestling. But the fact of the matter is that the guy probably wanted to try new things. He accomplished a TON in his small run, and he probably sought out to do other things. Like, we don’t know the guy, personally, so we shouldn’t judge. But he was always classy to fans, he was always a joy to watch. He looked as if he enjoyed everything as well, and you can tell that by the way he just ran his mouth in promos and tried different things; he had FUN with it. I truly think that if he didn’t care about wrestling anymore, he wouldn’t have come back in 2003, and made sporadic appearances in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 20010 (I think). I mean, the guy enjoys acting, and that’s what he did most of the time in the ring. He was known for his promos. His matches were also great (people criticize now, but we can all agree that he had two of the most popular moves in history), but he was known for his mic work and his gimmick. He took his talents to the screen for the wider audience, but I still think he had a heart for wrestling. He grew up within the family and busted his ass every day. But in the end, he became far more successful and popular than anyone, and became bigger than the sport. But I can’t blame the guy for coming back. As a fellow actor (obv amateur lol), I believe he enjoys the live crowd/theatre, which is why he comes back. It feels so great to perform in front of live crowds, it really does. And he probably loves it, too. And he DEFINITELY understands that these people made him.

    What I believe, and this is the crux of everything, is that if he truly didn’t like wrestling, he wouldn’t have come back, because, frankly, it’s a LARGELY different audience than it was 12 years ago. If he didn’t give a shit about wrestling, he wouldn’t have come back, especially knowing his real audience didn’t watch anymore.

  • Nirvana

    The Rock gets a bigger pop via satellite than Cena does in his hometown lol

  • White mark

    As much as i was a big Rock fan years ago and ok i sort of liked Cena when he was a “rapper” but nowadays i dont give a fuck about either of them. Its sad how the Rock is hardly around these days and hes the one getting the main event shame for other talent. But when you can draw money like him Vince will make sure

  • Quezito

    People need to quit being such little bitches about all this..Cena’s shots and comebacks are super lame! Rock owns him in promos any day of the week, period. Anyone who says any different including Randy Orton is in denial. Rock paid his dues back in the day. People stop bitching about oh he said hed never leave, if you thought he was back fulltime your a f*cking RETARD!!!!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Going to sum up the back and forth from now until WrestleMania in 1 post… John: Rock never shows up, blah blah, I love these fans which is why I’m here and Rock isn’t, blah blah blah, Rock brings it via satellite while I’m here every night live…

    Rock: Cena is a bowl of fruity pebbles, he looks like he came from barneys anus, blah blah blah, Cena only appeals to children and wears crappy looking clothes, blah blah blah, (insert more lame REUSED jokes). Both Cena and Dwayne need to f#ck off… Rock leaves for 7yrs only to hog the main event spotlight from other talent and claims he will never leaves us again(bullsh#t) and Cena holds talent down every single match.

  • Chryogenos

    Cena made good points…

  • cooperstar

    wsh tht fake smiling pussy dwayne would just disappear already…i dont like cena, but at least hes still there, bustin his ass every night for US…

  • Dan

    @ Seth It’s not a heel turn. He just knows he will get booed out of the building in CM Punks’s homettown

  • Cool Mark Punk

    @Seth – I saw that too not sure if it’s aimed at a heel turn but sure sounds like it, could possibly just be hype like usual.

  • The X

    Moral of the story: when a person has other dreams and aspirations outside of the ones he’s already living, then he deserves to be shit on unceremoniously for no reason. <—-this kind of bullshit thinking is the reason why I hate some of these "wrestling fans" out here today.

  • Seth

    Did anyone else find the line “I have never begged for anyones admiration or acceptance, u don’t believe MITB. Its not about that. Its about showing up” interesting? Cena heel turn at MITB?

  • Woah

    Rock DID his spell. He put in the hours and paid his dues. Rock, Austin, Trips etc etc they dont need to be on that full time ish anymore.

    Cena HAS made some good points in this fued but after Rocks last video its just bodybags nows.

  • Joshua


    But how can you see the passion in someone who hardly ever shows up there anymore? Cena said it best awhile back. Rock shouldn’t “Bullshit” people, If I say I love something, I’m going to jump to be there. That’s being passionate about something you care about. Not the bs “Via satellite” crap. I’m not saying Rock was never passionate about it. I’m sure he was, and he did a lot, And I understand enjoying the movie career, but it just comes down to the same thing. He likes bsing people into thinking he loves/is passionate about the business, but his actions say otherwise.

    (Feel free to reply. Not trying to argue nor will I be rude or anything so you know. Just enjoying the conversation/opinions. Ha.)

  • JIR

    Rock said he was never leaving the fans that never meant he would be in the ring day in day out again. Also notice how Cena didn’t say a thing about doing it for the money.

  • Kyle

    k so the rock replys in a video and all cena does is troll wow

  • Justin


    You do remember this started when Cena just randomly bashed the Rock, who discontinued wrestling for another passion–a much safer, more profitable one for him and and his family. By 2002, Rock accomplished everything and he didn’t really need to be there any longer.

    And who cares if the Rock is there or not. He finished wrestling. I bet he still loves wrestling, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be there, and for people to judge him about his passion goes to show they’re jealous they’ll never live up to what he did. He is still young, too. It’s hilarious how Cena just runs his mouth off and bitches. If he wants to be the Derek Jeter of wrestling, as WWE brands him as pretty much, he should take a thing or two out of the future Hall of Famer’s book and keep his mouth shut and his head high to just do his thing. I’d respect Cena a lot more if he just focused on himself instead bragging about how he focuses on himself.


    Via satellite The Rock still gets bigger reactions than Cena does live. Hell, even Zack Ryder gets bigger reactions.

  • simon07

    Yawn, he’ll just start re-tweeting some of his older posts soon.

  • donners

    cena will never be able to beat the rock in a verbal confrontation, because he has to stick to vince’s ‘PG’ directive – the rock said that on his own twitter where he can get away with a lot more. until vince lets cena relax the PG-ness of his promos (admittedly, the last 2 weeks on raw have been the best promos cena’s done in years), there’ll only ever be one winner….

    game, set, match: rock.

  • Joshua

    Love him or hate him, he makes a point. Rock ditched the wrestling fans for years. Then comes back every once in a while for the paycheck, all the while claiming he still loves it like a hypocrite. Every other time he’s too good to show up in person, Just via satellite. Rock knew how the fans would take it when he said “I’m never leaving again” Really? Whens the last time you seen Rock in a WWE ring? Been awhile for me. πŸ˜›

  • Rucdogg

    man this makes randy orton look bad for constantly saying cena is better than the rock on the mic. i have been asking for years how can someone from west newberry ma be a thug? of course it was funnier when the rock said it tho.

  • jake

    VIa Satellite the rock still gets a bigger pop than Cena does Live, its a shame Cena cant come up with anything new you overweight transvestite Wonder woman OMG I lmao when I heard that

  • The Truth

    Damn Cena is annoying. He acts as if the Rock pulled a Brock Lesnar or something.

  • Name

    Shut the f*ck up Cena

  • Callum

    same old boring shit

    he is just unable to beat him at this stuff

  • Matt

    same tired old shit from cena rehashed over and over again.