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John Cena Responds To Rumors Of WrestleMania 28 Match Being In Jeopardy

John Cena responded to rumors of his scheduled match with The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII being in jeopardy.

A fan asked, “Any truth to the rumours that a top WWE exec wants your match with The Rock removed from the WM 28 card?”

He responded, “none at all. That match needs to happen. If they kick us out we will parking lot.”

The rumor is attributed to the Wrestling Observer, as they reported last week that a high-ranking executive with great influence over Vince McMahon is lobbying for the match in Rock’s hometown of Miami, Florida to be canceled. The executive is concerned that WWE’s premiere star, Cena, will be heavily booed during the biggest show of the year.

  • Daniel

    That Executive wouldn’t have been John Laurinaitis would it?

  • John Cena needs to Heel how about combine his Rapper Gimmick with Ruthless Aggerssion Cena from 2002 & Hating the Fans & also being a bit Paranoid & Coming out with Black Shirts & Wristbands with Hell to Cenation & Him yelling on the Front

  • Monte

    I didn’t read all the comments, but think about this:

    The easiest thing to do regarding Rock/Cena is to have Cena turn heel, build him up as a heel, and have Rock come in as a face. Rock wins (it’s in his hometown, so), and then they can turn Cena back face if they wish.

    Problem solved. You’re welcome, WWE.

  • Meister

    I realize that John Cena is booed everywhere he goes but do you also listen for the cheers. They far out weight the boos. I have been in arens where before the show the audicence was asked to boo and others asked to cheer. Some may be legitimate boos but many are preplanned by creative. Look at Cena’s following outside the ring and you’ll see just how popular he really is.

  • Soulshroude

    Two words: John Luaranatis(sp).

  • Who cares bout this match, they should make HHH VS PUNK and TAKER VS SCSA!

  • Scott

    I wonder if the its the same exec who got the Ric Flair v Hulk Hogan thrown out at WM8. To this exec by canceling this match don’t you think that would make Cena get boo’d worse than he would have. Its a classic match in the making & your robbing the company you work for that moment. I hope McMahon ignores you

  • Devil_Rising

    Mr. Goodey Two Shoes Cena is long overdue for a heel turn anyway. And I mean a nasty one. His character was at least mildly (and I do mean mildly) tolerable, when he actually HAD a character, you know, the white rapper idiot. Ever since “The Marine” came out, he’s adopted this far more bland, non-descript, “soldier” character, if you honestly want to call it that (because he’s not, and he doesn’t really seem like it outside of the hair and the salute), THAT is when people got tired of him. People boo him because he is the single phoniest big star in wrestling history. Sure, Hogan was cheesy. But he was sincerely cheese. Regardless of how ridiculous “The Hulkster” was, he just…FELT like he earnestly believed he was THE HULK, and that he really believed in the “Power of Hulkamania, BROTHER”. He just fit with the 80s, I guess. Which is why the Hulkster act got stale in the 90s, which is part of why he finally turned heel with the NWO.

    I’m not saying Cena needs to form some stupid stable. I’m just saying that people actually hated him LESS, when he was a fake-white-rapping, shit talking heel. As opposed to his white-whashed, phoney as HELL “You can cheer me or boo me, it’s your right, JUST BRING IT (which was Rock’s phrase originally)”.

    WWE needs to do something though. And honestly, turning Cena into their mega-heel, and using CM Punk as the new anti-establishment semi-face, would really work. In fact I’d say things are downright ripe for it.

  • No1Coleminer

    personally i have lost all caring for who wins what now, the belts mean nothing, this match with cena and rock will just any other match, scripted. Regardless of who “wins” its not asthough they actually fought and that determined a winner. Both will get same chance to look bigger and smaller and nothing to do with the wrestling ability of either will determine a winner. but hey thats reality for ya

  • Cenarules

    cena is the man best wwe wrestler there is he will stomp rocks ass easy rock has shit on Cena

  • KitKrock

    What the Rock, is cooking!

  • Your Momma

    Booed means from Boston Ontario Orlando England Denmark. Which means his ass is booed all over the globe. Whats new?

  • VenomEX

    “The executive is concerned that WWE’s premiere star, Cena, will be heavily booed during the biggest show of the year.”

    just like he’s been booed out of every other pay per view this and last year….and on raw….and in house shows….and at dairy queen…and from his wife in bed.

  • James

    @ Venom
    I’ve been to multiple shows in Cena’s hometown. He gets booed just as much as anywhere else

  • Jacob

    WWE is really worried about the reaction of the crowd if Cena beats Rock in front of 70,000 of his hometown fans…can you say riot?

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Do some of you toads speak the same way you write? I mean really, try reading your shit before you post. I realize we all want to criticize the schools for poor performance. I mean if you have to, type it in word and let it at least half way straighten it out before you click SubMit.

  • JIR

    I the Rock V. Cena match gets and instant reaction from fans I say good let us fans speak our mind and every wrestling/sports/tv/movie/etc will eventually get the point especially if it gets to the point were they are losing money they will listen

  • Bawb

    As if Cena isn’t booed at all before then lol. How do they acknowledge he doesn’t get good fan reaction and don’t do anything about it. These executive boggle my mind. It’s as if the Tea Party is running WWE.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Of course he is going to say no even if it is true, but in the end the final decision is up to Vinnie Mac. It’s happening unless he doesn’t want it to.

  • zebra hunter

    Lost interest in it hard to get excited over a Twitter fued… Would rather sting vs taker

  • ashlinho

    i dont like cena by any means at all but he is right on the money there it needs to happen and i love his passion welle fight in the parking lot im sure both men would just to give the fans what they want well done john

  • Seth

    Sounds like a set up for a “non sanctioned” street fight match.

  • mark

    the executive needs to get fired . of course if its in Rocks hometown then cena will get booed. dont have to be Einstein to work that out . doh !!!

  • venom

    Cena probably even gets booed in his own hometown.

  • mark

    this high ranking executive needs to be fired. Obviously if its in the Rocks home town Cenas going to get booed. You dont have to be einstein to work that out

  • venom

    I guess this staff member hasn’t seen MITB 2011, ECW One Night Stand 2006, Wrestlemania 22, and Unforgiven 2006. Cena gets booed everywhere he goes. Of coarse he is going to get booed at Wrestlemania 28. That is a given. Cena should have turned heel a long time ago.

  • wAnxTa

    What about MITB NOOBS ?

  • rocky sucks

    so let the rock put him over if you are so worried.

  • OrkyBoy

    They are worried that Cena might get booed at Wrestlemania 28? What about every other event he is booed at???? Do they not watch their own programming????!!!!

    Anyway, it can be used to make a good storyline. Remember Rock/Hogan where Rock was a face and got booed throughout the match? It set up a good heel turn for him. Cena could do the same and freshen himself up.

  • Maestro

    Ummmm, was that “executive” not paying attention to Money in the Bank?? Trust me, Cena can deal with it.