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John Cena Responds to The Rock, Other Wrestler’s on His Huge Return

– John Cena responded to the Rock’s comments on RAW via Twitter, wrting, “CeNation. Rock was in rare form tonight. It was great to see him enjoying himself out there. Even if it was at my expense. I’ve been Called alot worse. Just glad to see him back in action.”

– Other superstars also commented on the Rock’s return:

CM Punk: “Rock owes me fifty bucks for going 20 minutes past the hour, making me miss my valentines day reservations at Nobu.”

Big Show: “Did anyone notice the chill bumps on Rocks arms as he gave his catch phrase? The rock is back!”

Val Venis: “I am just as happy as anyone else the Rock is back. As long as he sticks to the mic, we are good. Cuz his wrestling ability is questionable. Not hating on Rock. He is AWESOME on the mic. His charisma is unmatched. But lets be honest, Rock>Hardy & Venis>Rock! HONESTLY!”

  • Devil_Rising

    Dude…….Val Venis seriously needs to STFU. No offense to Sean Morley, but Rocky Maivia was ALWAYS a far better in ring, even TECHNICAL wrestler, than we ever really saw from Venis. Maybe they limited Venis in the ring. But for him to take a crack at The Rock’s wrestling ability? It’s not as if we’re talking about Hulk Hogan, or Ultimate Warrior, or Batista, or Bobby Lashley, or JOHN CENA.

    Rock was always a good wrestler.

  • bloodstone

    val just pissed off justin bieber isn’t hosting mania

  • JOE

    @chuva did you watch the rock last night?

  • Chuva

    Val speaks the truth. How high on the card is never, EVER dependent (anymore) on how good you are in the ring, rather how good you are on the mic. Rock is great… well, I’ll admit he’s great, even tho his tired catch phrases as so abundant, he can go on for 20min just citing them, and that’s all he really is at this point. I can’t stand anything about The Rock. He says the odd funny thing, but I can’t get by the fact that his promos are always just the same thing. Roody poo this, candy a$$ that… tired. In the ring, Rock is at best, average. Put him in the ring with someone good/great, he can be carried. Put him in the ring with someone equal to or less than him, and it’s horrible. Rock vs Cena would break records for mediocrity. Right up there with Hogan/Andre, which is easily the worst match ever. I don’t care how “classic” it is rumored to be. As an actual match, it’s horrendous.

  • Andrew

    oyyy, Cena’s starting to kill the intensity of the whole “staredown” feud with this “Glad he’s back, even at my expense” crap. If you’re gonna talk shyt about someone, whether it was fed to you or not, at least have the balls to back it up and actually fire back! damn!

  • eric

    lol at cm punks post

  • TomC

    Yah, Val Venus was always a mid-carder, but still a kind of fun personality at the time. “Hello Ladies”

  • deadpool

    i cant even remember what val venis looks like……lol

  • Rich

    the rock and the millionssssssssssss hate val venis’s candy ass

  • ernest

    when the rock was wrestling during the attitude era venis was a jobber/mid carder and now 7 years later he thinks he and hardy are better.. lol these tna wrestlers must be getting hit and or dropped on their head a lot… rock with all this ring rust could run through 90% of the tna roster (will give respect to angle, aj styles)

  • mark


  • TomC

    Val Venus USED TO BE a cool character, but yes – he’s lost pretty much all of his relevance over the last few years. Perhaps if he had stayed with TNA and they had invested some time/development in him … but that obviously didn’t happen.

    It IS very much a case of him trying to create some buzz for himself – kinda feel bad for the guy.


    Raziel, Daniel Interlandi and Val Venis should all get hang out and be BFFs cause you are the only TOOLS that wouldnt want to see the ROCK in action.


    Hey Daniel Interlandi why dont you take your comment, shine it up real good and turn it sideways and you should know the rest! TOOL!

  • Raziel

    he didn’t say anything bad about the Rock, but after 7 years of not wrestling I’m not even sure I want to see him try to do it again.

  • Juggalo

    I feel better about not defending Venis before. >_> Toolbag.

  • Dystre Fjell

    Sure towel man, you were one hell of a performer…NOT !
    Be quiet, The People’s Champ has returned home !

  • Daniel Interlandi

    i don’t know about being > than the Rock but Val has a point about his ring skills, anyone actually remember Rock putting on a sharpshooter? he looks like he was taking a dump in the ring, worst sharpshooter ever. Kind of like Cena using his version of the Death Vally driver or the STF. Every major star in WWE history has had that handicap of having to suppress there actual abilities in order to preform the dreaded “5 moves of doom”

  • adam

    Old bttle rap cena would of done a intresting response but soldier marine cena can t say anythin bad. That’s what is great about rock I am sure he knew its pg u can and can’t say this or that but he still cut a promo like a champ

  • CC

    I kinda defended Vals right to voice his opinion on Matt Hardy, whether he was right or wrong, but for him to say this about someone who is recognised as a great talent, is laughable.
    Val is a good in ring talent, thats no doubt, but he is no better than The Rock.
    Please be quiet Val, you are starting to sound as pathetic as the likes of Paul London and Shane Helms. Whether your comments have any validity are neither here nor there, the simple fact is you end up sounding like a bitter pathetic fool who has a chip on his shoulder.

  • Vinny

    lol@ val venis… what a goofball. While I have agreed with venis on his past comments about the hardy boyz, I’ll have to pass on his Rock comments. Rock is one entertaining dude when he’s in the ring.

    And I don’t know of a better wrestler to ever take the stone cold stunner like Rock has…

  • !?

    Really Val (not even trying to quote the Miz here), The Rock AND the Hardy Boyz for that matter are more relevant at every point in their careers then you were at your prime. Val is a freaking hater man.

  • rick

    Poor Val, trying so hard to stay relevant.

  • damkat

    Venis is a tool, to think he is even in the same league as the The Rock, The rock is in a league all his own. Raw was a great show and Rocky at the end was amazing. I know The Rock was not the only one with goosebumps. Welcome back Rock, now please stick around for longer than a couple shows! The WWE needs you more than ever right now!

  • Adam

    I would question whether Val Venis is > than anybodyon the TNA or WWE roster right now…