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John Cena Says The Rock Will Bury Him On Raw, Vote For Kelly Kelly, Swagger

— John Cena expects The Rock to bury him this Monday on Raw.

He wrote on Twitter, “Flying to LA for fri night at staples. Then back to Daytona for green flag @ 500. Then off to Portland just in time for Dwayne to bury me… Sounds like a fun few days. Giddy up.” is pushing fans to vote for Kelly Kelly as “Favorite Buttkicker” for the 2012 Nick Kids’ Choice Awards. She joins a list of nominees including movie stars Tom Cruise, Taylor Lautner and Jessica Alba.

— Jack Swagger was referenced during SportsNation‘s “101 Most Disrespectful Moments” episode on ESPN2. A clip was shown of a basketball player doing push-ups following a dunk and host Michelle Beadle said he reminded her of Jack Swagger.

Regarding this, Swagger tweeted, “I was mentioned today on ESPN’s Sport Nation today.. No big deal #YearofSwag.”


    Swagger lol you suck and cuz you found rejected tights that were mentioned for Angle before he left but you suck cuz you suck lol your pointless and wwe keeps you around two reasons there products suck and Vince is pissed Kurt wont come back ….but no big deal lol

  • Enigmatic Killer

    It’s funny how John Cena complains about getting buried ,because that is all he has been doing to other superstars for the past 6 years. Ironic much?

  • Buttercastle

    Last time Tom Cruise was a buttkicker was in Top Gun…….. and when he beat the crap out of Oprah’s couch.

  • rocky sucks

    cena will win at mania and the night after he’s gonna chalenge taker for a match at wm 29. they both suck{cena and the rock}but atleast cena is not a sell out liar.

  • JIR

    Just sit back and enjoy the show don’t get your hopes up too much and you will enjoy it

  • Bawb

    @Jefferson D’ Arcy

    I love your response and I loved you on MwC.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    @Bastion Boogeyman

    Wow, stay up all night thinking of that one? What are you, 12? “Oooo check me out, I said COCK. The internet will think I’m cool now.” Meanwhile, you’re sucking your own.

  • Prince

    I know that was sarcasm, but Cena will actually get buried on the mic by Rock. He’ll own him for sure.

  • kamala’s foot

    And Devil_Rising will still be crying about The Undertaker’s hair tomorrow morning.

  • Devil_Rising

    rocky will win on the mic, cena will win the match as both is ‘good business’

  • venom

    I think KK is a butt kisser.

  • Matt

    @Stevie P:

    i think they meant buttlicker, but entered her into the wrong category

  • Stevie P

    Kelly Kelly as a “buttkicker”? Since when?

  • Bill

    Finally! Rock will be on Raw to start to finish this feud!