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– In a recent interview with Sporting News Radio, John Cena stated that he has been quite outspoken with Vince McMahon regarding WWE films and ensuring they are a PG product, saying that he feels it is important for the product to be family friendly. Cena also cited how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he would never leave WWE but did anyway. He went on to say there was no bad blood with Johnson, but he would never do the same and turn his back on the company.

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  • nunya

    stop it cena haters

  • peoples champ4life

    Blast is so funny and right night quil really aint go shit on the wwe PG re-run programming looool its sad that wrestle really is trash .. The rock probably by now has a full email from fans saying help when need you loooool

  • Blast

    ok why is it so wrong that rock decided that maybe he’d like to be with his family or make better money and not do the same thing over and over and, well u get the point. but i dont thing thats turning your back on the company. he did his time paid his dues, cena needs to quit qhinning like a bitch and trying to get attention. but if its a storyline hasnt wwe done that already, knockin someone for leaving or getting fired? well anyways wwe helps me sleep great at night, turn on raw or smackdown, and well lets just say nite quil aint got sh*t on wwes PG re-run programming.

  • peoples champ4life

    John cena probably knows he suck maybe he needs the Rock to get his wrestling Career to be better and some one tel why did stone cold steve austin gave John cena a beer like passed the Torch to cena wat the fucc does austin see’s in Cena this PG shit is wack hell i been watching THE WWF/WWE since i was like 8 years old come on now lil kids this generation probably wont even know whoes the Rock is other then him being know as Dwayne Johnson who makes Great Family , Friend and Action pack movies as hell if Rock and Cena does have a match well it would be great it would make me and all the attitude era fans happy well rock did say he would bring bacc the attitude era back making it TV-14 instead of PG-13 and the wwe should Bring bacc Goldberg , Brock lesnar and hopefully gets sting to come to the wwe .. and Bring Bacc Sid Vicous

  • erik

    Cena is suck a dumass he suck on mic and he sucks in ring he is not even in the rock’t league. Cena and this damn pg i wish batista at extreme rules beats cena dowen so bad he is forced to leave wwe. That is the only way wwe is going to be great again i hate cena the pg bastard i hppe batista breaks him in half and he is forced to leave the pg vince mcmahon cocksucking bastard.

  • Andrew_Gigan

    I think the last time I really cared about Cena he was holding the United States title back in 04.

  • kane

    is it the rock’s fault that wwe let his contract expire without even a phone call to see if he wanted to sign a new deal? the fact is that by doing that, the wwe turned on the rock and said we don’t need you. if the rock won’t come back for a match with hbk, why would he come back for one with cena? he could wrestle austin one more time and make 10x’s the money than he could wrestling cena.

    cena is being a good company guy giving the company line about the rock; but should tell him that only doing tv so you can film a movie is not a wrestling full time schedule. some places never get a tv taping and only get to have house shows maybe once every 2 or 3 years. he won’t stop his movie career to go and see his fans at those events. while everyone else has to wrestle 3 or 4 times a week, he wrestles once a week and still gets injured. the company still can’t get over the fact that the rock made something of himself outside of their control and that they can’t destroy it. it’s time for wwe and cena to get over the rock. even his ex wife has moved on, why can’t vince and cena?

  • chris

    Well shit with this pg shit goin on no wonder id leave to what would rock say? ima whoop your candy butt.and cena always talks shit im sure if he got a big movie deal he would get up and leave..

  • mark

    You’re out of your mind. Cena does not have a point, not even close. So the Rock should have staid in the WWe and on the road 300 days out of the years to keep all of the selfish fans happy instead of doing what he does now and spending time with his daughter? Absolutely ridiculous. Cena has no kids, so therefor has no place to say anything about it. So the rock went on to do movies, I hardly see that as betraying his fans. And Cena does suck. Him and this new gay ass watered down DX are the reason I no longer watch Raw and I’ve been watching for over eleven years now. Well I was anyway.

  • What?

    I don’t really care about what Cena is saying but… he’s gotta point the Rock turned his back on the people that made him. I’m pretty sure people remember the articles about how the Rock wanted to distance himself from the WWE.

  • Dustin

    Cena shouldn’t really try to act as if he’s in the ROck’s place right now. He’s got such a fake fanbase. While I hear that he is great to the fans and supposedly a very professional and nice guy, he’s just not a great performer. He may be a great athlete, but after his thug gimmick, he just fell down so badly. His acting and overenthusiastic fan gimmick is unwatchable. Talking constant trash about the Rock is going to earn him anymore fans because everyone loves the Rock and respects his decision to leave wrestling by now. He did so much for the business, and Cena only wishes he’d contribute as much.

    The only thing Cena has to worry about is how to improve his wrestling character and figure out what the f*ck he is doing wrong concerning his performance. Unfortunate for him, he feels he isn’t a face or a heel because he gets cheered and booed. For a guy who’s billed as a face, he’s got some learning and improving to do.

  • Doug

    id love to see john cena vs the rock

  • baddog12k

    cena is a dumbshit! he just said the rock said he would never leave and did but that he would never leave (Just like the rock said) Rock is 100 times the performer he will ever be

  • Chris

    Nobody ever got tired of seeing Rock vs Mankind or Rock vs Austin or Austin vs McMahon. But they never had the same match twice. I think today’s big stars, with the exception of Edge and Jeff Hardy, are too good for extreme matches like there were a few years back.

  • Chris

    I think Cena is deluded if he thinks he CAN leave like The Rock. People other than wrestling fans watched Rocks movies…who else but WWE marks will watch The Marine and Twelve Rounds? Rock had the Mummy, which built up interest for Scorpion King.

    Bottom line, Cena doesn’t have the option TO leave the WWE and go into Hollywood full time. I can say the same thing too, I’ll never leave my current position to join Hollywood…but that’s because Hollywood isn’t interested in me.

  • Jamie

    Cena wants to keep the PG product? I wonder if thats because the only people that like him are frickin’ 2 year olds!!!! Bring back the attitude era and fire Cena’s hypocritical ass!

  • Drake Felix

    I don’t know why in the hell all of you hate Cena. Sure his movies aren’t all that but I seen them and they aren’t terrible. The Rock has more experience in acting regardless so shut up about that. And another thing is Cena is a great performer and athlete but he doesn’t need to be against Orton or Triple H ever again because it’s just bad match ideas now.

  • ddc

    jajaja… cena will never be able to be like the rock… his promos suck, he can only get the attention of small chidren without the overall popularity hogan had. also lets fact the fact that the guy cant wrestle for shit.. his finisher sucks, his entreance sucks. the rock could make people eat out his hand. he waqs funny and charasmatic. not a monologue. most importantly, the rock was not given the title every week like cena. he always has to be in the main event, and guess what if it is not its triple h…. OHHH MY GOD WHAT A SURPRISE….. ohh thats when creative dont surprise us with there three way. jajajajaj… then they say they cant build new stars…

  • Me

    are we supposed to care? does cena think i want him to stay? what a deluded ass wipe.

  • Jason

    Cena owns The Rock and that is coming from a Cena hater

  • Dave

    this is probably some stunt to try and build some legitimate feud between the two of them so WWE can capitalize having Rock and Cena face off in the ring.

  • Jerky


  • Matt

    “Cena also cited how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he would never leave WWE but did anyway. He went on to say there was no bad blood with Johnson, but he would never do the same and turn his back on the company.”

    And yet he wont shut the fuck up about it.

    And g-ranosaurusrex is right, this shit is getting old, the funny part is The Rock prolly never thinks of Cena, but it’s seems that Cena can’t hack The Rock being successful in Hollywood while both his movies sucked more ass than he has.

  • Raziel

    I think he’s in love with the Rock

  • cenassux


  • g-ranosaurusrex

    man this bullshit with cena and the rock is getting old

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