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John Cena Set to Take Some Time Off, Episode 1 of The Rock’s Promo Contest

– FOX has renewed John Cena’s American Grit show for a second season, in which Cena took two months time off to film the first season. Cena is expected to take a similar amount of time off again come the beginning of filming for the new season.

– As we previously reported, The Rock has launched a promo contest on his new YouTube Channel, and the first episode of that tournament can be viewed here:

  • D2K

    I have to agree. Cena has earned the right to work as light of heavy a schedule that he wants 10 times over. I don’t think any WWE superstar has worked harder in his position (being the franchise.) In fact, when you think about it I don’t think anyone has worked harder and longer than Cena in that position from any North American federation.

    I think that during his lay-off due to injury he started to realize that life away from the ring cane be pretty cool too and that WWE will go on just fine without him. So good for him if he wants to pursue other projects.

    Lot of wrestlers over the years have taken time off to do other projects. Not a big deal

  • pitfallharry219

    He’s been doing WWE full time for 14 years, which is more than double what Rock did before he left. People that are trying to compare that are ridiculous.

  • oppa

    For a person who bashed The Rock so much for going to do other things after WWE didn’t renew his contract, Cena sure does miss a lot of time while still under contract.

  • CC

    So much for “I bleed WWE, and I wont let other forms of entertainment take me away from the fans” … Still, he will never make it in Hollywood the same way The Rock has, so I guess he can always still use the “I wont leave WWE for Hollywood” line.