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John Cena Speaks to Hot 97, Update on The Rock and Fast Sequels, Kofi Kingston

– John Cena spoke with Pete Rosenberg of Hot 97 yesterday after the WrestleMania 29 press conference. Here’s the video:

– Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the FCW event in Eustis, Florida tonight.

– With the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, there are no WWE Supershows this weekend.

– As noted before, The Rock has signed on for the next two Fast & Furious movies. Rock noted in media interviews this week that Fast 6 will be filmed this May in England and Germany while Fast 7 will be filmed later. The original plan had been to shoot Fast 6 & 7 back-to-back.

  • Buttercastle

    Personally Toothfairy is one of my most watched movies on Netflix…..

    But seriously Fast 5 was a pretty good movie. I don’t know who would say they are done to death when they all have featured top name guys (maybe not much with Tokyo Drift) and stories that all follow each previous movie, unlike some movies where anything after the first movie features actors nobody knows about with mediocre story and visual effects. Plus with each new movie we all get new eye candy to look at, girls and cars!

  • sammy

    DID U KNOW!!!!!!!!! The Tooth fairy made more money than any any of john cenas film?
    lol hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa

  • Pig

    and they will all suck! Because A. they’ve overdone the same movie too many times. B. Because we all know the Toothfairy drives a VW Bug.

  • nin

    how many time you goin to report same news about the rock and fast 5 & 6 movies