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John Cena Talks About Getting Booed In Boston

John Cena spoke with WWE’s website about returning to his hometown of Boston to challenge CM Punk for the WWE Title at Night of Champions. Cena acknowledged a history of negative crowd reactions in Boston during his career and how he’s responded.

“I love going to Boston. I adapt well to any environment. I’ve been cheered there, and I’ve been booed there, but that’s the Boston fans,” Cena said, before addressing what he expects Sunday. “It is what it is, and Boston’s one of those interesting crowds that provides a ton of energy. I love it. I love it.”

  • Tombstone

    Firts, Go back and read the comment I was replying to. Jerk Factorasked why some of us thought Cena was so great. I answered.

    Never said Cena was a good actor,(but IMHO there is not many good actors out there today anyway) What I said was that I enjoyed 12 rounds.
    Most comments I have read from WWE superstars regarding Cena was that he is the hardest worker on the roster.

    I happen to like his character (I think he is being himself). Thats my choice, If you dont like his wrestling or his character then that is your choice.

    Hope I answered your questions.

  • StudDog

    Personally, I think your making this shit up. As for the pics you say you have, Well sooner or later he had to leave so it would not be that hard to get a pic. of his back. (sounds like you have a Cena ass fetish). I have been to many of the USO WWE events. First off I have never seen them turn away a soldier. second, In my expierence they have all been great but Cena has been the most accesible and actually seemed even more excited to meet us than we were to meet him (and thats saying alot). He even went to visit some of my wounded buddys on his own time and still to this day E-mails and writes to them.
    So if you really are a serviceman which I highly doubt, then stop making this shit up.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hey, being a face for a long time isn’t the -only- problem. It worked fine for the entirety of Ricky Steamboat’s career.

    The problem is that he’s a perennial face, who is -constantly- booked at the highest level, constantly wins almost every match, is a multi time world champion… yet is very limited in the ring, and often talked about as if he’s the underdog in every freakin’ match, when he’s the odds on favourite.

  • Bawb

    At some point, the guy has to just come out and admit the fact that people boo him because his character is stale. He might be the longest face ever. It’s sooooo repetitive right now, and to completely ignore the reason in public as to why people boo you kind of bothers me to be honest.

  • Robert

    John Cena could be a major top heel! Only if WWE would take the risk and change him!

  • I have experienced the douchebaggery of John Cena first hand. In Iraq if all places. During my deployment of course the WWE came over for the usual USO at year’s end Christmas special. First of all myself and two of my soldiers were denied access to the building. They kept the crowd size small. That is understandable. We actually were 10minutes late due to the fact we had never been to that area of the FOB before. We waited outside for the meet and greet to be over. First came out R-Truth. He was friendly. Waved, “Someone yelled out whats up……and he yelled it back. The Bellas came out. Very nice, fan friendly. They got on the bus but came back out to sign and pose for pics. Rey was there…..walked straight to the bus where someone held up a towel so he could take his mazk off. He put a hat on and occasionally waved. John fucking Cena comes out. Walks with his head down, gets on the bus. Sits down in the seat with his back towards the window….not once does he look up or anything. Soldiers and airmen are there yelling for him and nothing. Ive got pics of the entire thing. Ive got like 10 pics of this bright orange shirt wearing tool with his back turned away from service men and women!! Vince comes out last. The guy is a champ. Shakes every single hand, poses for pics, signs a couple of things and says god bless you all before vetting on the bus. If any one wants the pics of Cena just email me.

  • Buttercastle

    Cena is one of my favorites because of how hard he works, inside and outside the ring. He never complains or is rude to his fans like other top WWE talent you hear about. He’s a very down to earth, very REAL person who doesn’t put on an act to get people to live or hate him. Sure he may not be in the best movies, but really WWE movies aren’t that great to begin with no matter who star in them.

  • Stumpy

    Legendary wasn’t too bad…

    I don’t necessarily hate Cena the person. I am tired of Cena the wrestler or at least the role he plays in the Big E. They need to change him up a bit. Actually a lot. But it’s a moot point because Mr. Senility, Vince McMahon, will never change him.

  • märzen

    @ tombstone: wtf, in my opinion we are supposed to judge westlers by the things they do in the ring, And not by the outside activities. What has his make a wish F. thing or his movies to do with what he does in the ring? I mean, what is this all about, whos the nicest guy outside the wwe? In that case we should just quit watching wwe i guess.. And who says HE is the most working guy? define that! dont Get me wrong, i respect him for doing all that stuff outside, but id really like u to Tell me some good reasons, as why do u think he should get cheered as a WRESTLER!

  • Tombstone

    @Jerk Factor
    You my freind are a dumbass to the max. Want me to tell you why I like Cena?
    He is one of the hardest workers in the biz. I totally respect the work he does for the Make a Wish Foundation. And just because you say he is a bad wrestler does not mean it’s true. And I happened to like 12 Rounds.
    Do I fell humiliated? HELL NO!
    So FUCK you loser. It’s my choice who I like just as it is your choice who you do not like and you have no right telling anyone who to like and who not to.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Jerk Factor

    Thank you, sir.

  • Jerk Factor

    Oh god, so according to these comments there are at least 11 Cena fans around on this website…You know what? Fuck you, losers, Cena is a bad actor, bad wrestler, phoney jock cunt who wouldn’t give you nerd losers the time of day in a real life setting. Im not talking about autograph signings BTW. Get a life, Cena supporting losers, and don’t just cowardly thumbs down anti Cena comments, comment and actually tell us why he is so frickin great. Tell us how awesome ‘The Marine’ and ’12 Rounds’ are. Go on. I dare you. I dare you to humiliate yourself.

  • me

    Don’t capitalize every word, it’s grammatically incorrect, and looks stupid.

  • Apacaveli

    Cena Sucks.I Cant Wait For Super Dooper Cena 2 Loose Again And I Cant Wait 2 Kick John Cena’s Monkey Rudey Poo Candy Fruity Pebbles Ass In WWE 13′ LOL Bawhahahaha Yeahhhhhhhhh…..

  • mikey2099

    Because billy2 is another we hate cena band wagon fuck.

  • misfit del rio

    @ billy 2 why are you looking at his ass!??

  • billy 2

    we boo you because your ass is too perfect. fuck you.