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John Cena Talks About The Second Half Of His Career, Reveals A Label He “Hates”


In part two of John Cena reflecting on his decade of dominance in WWE, the twelve-time world champion reveals that he dislikes being formally recognized as the sport-entertainment promotion’s premiere Superstar.

“I just do the best I can do. I hate those words like “face of the company” or “flagbearer.” I hate that. I’m just the best that I can be,” said Cena. “And, I take great pride in that people want to come after me. I’m always ready for a fight. I’m me, I’m the best me I can be, and we’ve put together a pretty good ten years and I’m hoping for ten more.”

Cena also discusses bringing back his “Doctors of Thuganomics” persona during his rivalry with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“That whole year-long with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there were little moments of thuggery in there,” Cena said. “I thought it was really cool. It gave a different approach to me validating my position right next to Dwayne Johnson. He seems to claim that he’s the best ever (to) hold the microphone. I seem to dispute that title.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cena opens up on his unique relationship with the WWE audience.

  • DaveyH

    WWE dont seem to realise that the biggest issue with Cena’s character is that he never loses clean. Vince is panicking back stage because the viewing figures are hitting record lows, they need a new “star” but yet Cena goes over one of the potential next big stars in Ziggler week in, week out. Sure they’ve taken the title away from him for a year but he’s still been in the main events and he still never loses clean so I just skip past his matches now because the outcome is guaranteed.

  • Jeremy

    Exactly, when it was vs a monster like Umaga or Show or Kane then yeah. But why is he always the underdog when he always wins and is treated like Superman?? its just terrible booking

  • Jeremy

    You know what he could do to put on a REALLY good match? Lose clean for once.

  • Bawb

    “His never give up promos” — the ones he has every fucking week? Listen, I love drama, and I love from-the-heart promos. But they only work and sound convincing when they happen OCCASIONALLY not every week. Cena just ODs on them like he’s a salesman and that’s his only product.

  • Diesel

    I’m sure outside of the ring he’s a great guy and the fact that he goes and grands wishes to sick/less fortunate kids is fantastic BUT his whole ass kissing sucking up to the crowd thing to get himself over is just cringe worthy. Did Rock ever do that? No Austin? No they got themselves over by reinventing their characters and basically doing the opposite. I understand they gave him the ball and made him “the top guy” for the new generation but his whole attitude just reeks of cheesiness which is everything that I hate about him

  • wildeye

    How many of the haters can hold a giant on their shoulders? How many hours of a day do Cena haters go out to do charity work for kids? PG13 is for the kids. Hell I want the attitude era back as much as the next person, I am a huge SCSA fan. For now either take what is given to you or stop watching. better yet quit the crying about how much he sucks and let the kids and those who are true fans enjoy what WWE has to offer right now. Give it time the PG13 will disappear.

  • Wayne

    U guys 4get one thing. When the creative team wanted the people to abide by their rules in the attitude era. They said skip that. We have our own stuff. I respect Cena’s love for the business and his hard work. It is just he is boring in and out of the ring. If Cena did his best he would become a no man to the creative team and do his own thing.

  • Bruh blame that shit on WWE. Not the man. His character may have gotten stale but don’t say u haven’t seen him put on a helluva match. And I’m sorry bro, but I just don’t see what to really hate about him. I can’t think. His shorts was getting wack but he changed back to cargos. lol If WWE wanted him to be a Stone Cold type dude, they wouldve made him that nigga. And it wouldve worked cuz he from West Newberry/ Boston. lol What im saying is they want someone everyone could look up too especially with PG rating. If it was PG13 it would be alot better.

  • Diesel


    No we don’t, but his cheesy cookie cutter Hulk Hogan 2.0 image got stale years ago.

  • what?

    @Ceejay don’t worry about the cena haters they got their head stuck up cm sucks ass . like he has any better moves

  • Ceejay

    Why is he dorky? Because he is actually someone the kids could really look up to now? His never give up promos usually be the best promos of the night behind cm punks promos. I believe his character is as original as it gets. Of course it can be cheesy with the jokes, but he one of the most realist wrestlers there are.

  • dave

    nobody has good matches anymore

  • Jeremy

    Nobody said he doesn’t work hard. He’s one of the hardest workers they have. Doesn’t change the fact that his character is still as dorky and lame as ever

  • Jeremy

    The fact that Cena compares himself to the Rock on the mic is a joke. Rock is funny, smooth, and is a master on the mic, everybody shuts up and listens. Cena tries to be the Rock but he’s dorky, unoriginal, goes for cheap pops, and isn’t funny at all. I’m embarrassed at what I’m watching when Cena goes on one of his “bigboy never give up” rants….

  • And Cena has helluva matches. On Raw and PPVs. So what if he is not traditional so the fuck what he works hard.

  • What about this interview did he say that was not geniune? And he yes he does his best. But the creative givess him some stale shit. I bet if creative was as good as 10 years ago u would not hate Cena like ya’ll do. Yal talk so much shit about Cena but yal don’t even know him. And yal can’t whoop his ass if he stole your girl. So please I wish EVERY Cena hater out there could please hear this.. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RESPECT THAT NIGGA! He’s where he is at for a reason. Hustle Loyalty and Respect may sound cheesy but we all should really live by that. Trust that he is not my favorite wrestler so don’t try to say that.

  • ChrisDV

    Wait, wait, wait… The crap he usually throws out every Raw & PPV is HIS BEST?

    That’s genuinely depressing.

  • WOW

    Cena being Cena…..puke worthy