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John Cena Teasing “Huge Announcement” For Raw, Val Venis Not Returning To WWE

– John Cena will be making a “huge announcement” on tonight’s Raw SuperShow. The Cenation leader released a video on Tout stating that the announcement is related to his Money in the Bank briefcase for a shot at the WWE Championship.

– It’s being speculated that Val Venis will make a cameo appearance on tonight’s Raw SuperShow since the program emanates from his billed hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada and the official WWE website posted several videos on Sunday highlighting his career. When asked via Twitter whether he would appear for the organization again, he responded, “Not so long as they support sopa/cispa.”

– Former WWE Diva talent Maria Kanellis stated on Twitter that’s recap show for Raw SuperShow will return next Monday night.

– Fozzy release a brand new single “Sandpaper,” via iTunes Tuesday. The single is taken from Fozzy’s upcoming new album, Sin and Bones, which is due out August 14 via Century Media Records.

  • Ant

    @Marcum, I hope you are right or maybe even The Undertaker, It has been too long since I saw Cena get Tombstoned.

  • Mark

    John Cena is going to announce that he just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico

  • SYM

    Oh Yes this will be very Big. And Jerry Lawler & Cole will say “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT WHAT A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT.” The kids will Chant/Scream and Jim Ross will blog away -_- Same OLD SHIT!

  • MaNic

    he’ll announce he will cash in at mainia , rock will say hes gonna be in the rumble , and something will happen to that the title is vacant by that time.

  • WrestlingTrunks

    John Cena is the new Dixie Carter!

  • marcum

    he will cash in at the 1000TH RAW AND rock will interfere costing cena the match and setting up rock vs cena 2 at summer slam or john cena will cash in tonight and next week rock will return and set up rock vs cena 2 at summer slam.

  • How many big announcements is cena going to have this me it just seem pointless.

  • CM Mark

    He’ll say he is going to cash it in at SS against whoever, probably Punk. They should have gave it to Y2J, if they’re not EVER going to turn Cena heel. What a waste of the briefcase.

  • Prince

    He’s gonna announce that he’s cashing it in for a title shot at SummerSlam. Most predictable thing ever.

  • Jake

    I am John Cena and I am going to cash in MITB at SS and become WWE champ for the first time…… a year, but I’m always in the main event so what does it matter