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John Cena, Triple H & Sheamus Video Interviews, CM Punk Surprises Fan, More

Coaster Boy Josh sent the following: “I interviewed John Cena, Triple H and Sheamus at the Mania 29 press conference for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show which broadcasts on Z100 in New York and is syndicated to 40+ other radio stations around the country. Instead of asking typical wrestling questions, we thought it would be funny to see how much WWE talent knows about pop culture.”

The video is available here.

— has published a story on CM Punk surprising WWE fan Rhiannon Patz at the 102.1 FM studios. Patz has Stage 4 brain cancer and it was her story of strength that made the WWE Superstar offer a helping hand.

“If I can bring a smile to their face or take them to an event and take their mind off whatever problems they had, show them a good time, I jump on the chance to do that,” said Punk.

— Former WWE star Matt Hardy has been announced for WrestleReunion 7 taking place March 30 and April 1 at the Miami Beach Deauville Resort 6701 Collins Ave. Miami, Florida.

  • Jon

    Here’s the deal, Punk isn’t just gonna give some random fan an autograph. If he signed autographs everywhere he went then he would never be able to go out in public. That’s just a fact. He’s gonna give those who have hardships a break in life, and help show them a good time and have some fun for once. He’s not gonna give a normal person, who has a job and can fend for themselves, an autograph or a free ticket to a show or a trip backstage. He’ll do it for those who it will truly help, like this child. This is yet another story we’ve heard of Punk being gracious to a WORTHY fan, and not just a normal person like us. He really is a good person deep down, he just gives off the vibe to the normal person that he’s a dick.

  • Nicholas

    Cm Punk is cool in my book. I read people calling him a prick at times. But tell how would you feel if you have to give an autograph everytime you go tough an airport or you are eating. There is a time an a place for that kind of stuff. Some time it the people asking for an autograph that needs to act their age an to me that is how Punk feel.

  • TG

    He is but he knows the difference between a child/elderly then a grown up. CM Punk respects everyone but he treats a kid how they showed be treated. An adult same way its just his blunt honesty which is hated because it’s comes off as being a prick. I said elderly because of course that age group should be respect the most. When Punk was going the S.E.S angle a elderly women (fan) slapped him and Punk smiled saying thank you ma’am.

  • Sean Mooney

    CM Punk seems like a genuinely good guy. I wonder why they he allegedly “rubs people the wrong way” in the locker-room.

  • Johnny

    I feel like i need to be very ill to get Punks autograph now. Everytime i go to the airport to see him, he snubs everyone

  • @

    What a nice fella punk is