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John Cena on Vince McMahon Possibly Bringing Back CM Punk, Wanting Co-host Job on ‘Live With Kelly’

TMZ recently interviewed John Cena and asked him his thoughts on Vince McMahon possibly bringing back CM Punk, and if he’s interested in co-hosting ‘Live With Kelly’. You can check out some highlights here:

On if he’d take the open co-hosting gig on ‘Live With Kelly’:

“I’ve made a pretty fortunate path for myself just by taking advantage of every opportunity. Unfortunately I don’t make the — I don’t say ‘hey you go there, you go there.’ If they give me the chance I’ll do the best I can.”

On if it is something that interests him:

“I would love to. I love working with The Today Show crew, anytime they’ll have me on, I try to go on they make me feel like a family, they make me feel at home, so I love that atmosphere. Me and you just BS’ing back and forth, I love to do that stuff. I don’t mind wearing a suit so — and it’s really cool to be able to sit down in a suit and tie on Tuesday morning, and then fly to SmackDown Live and be a WWE Superstar. Internally I really like that hustle, so if they call I’ll answer the phone but I’m not going to sit by the phone.”

On if Vince McMahon would bring back CM Punk:

“If I know one thing about my boss Vince McMahon, he always does what’s good for business, if it’s good for business it will work out. The name in the question doesn’t matter about that, if it’s good for business it’ll work out.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • D2K

    Exactly. John Cena is addicted to this business. He’s like the Brett Favre of
    wrestling. Much like Favre, he’s not going out until they have to get
    out the spatula to scrape him off the mat.

    As far as individual
    accomplishments Ric Flair’s title record is the only thing he has left
    to do (that and perhaps facing The Undertaker,) but his love for the business hasn’t diminished at all.

  • Nicholas2778

    No he won’t he said in his interview he got one more thing left to do in the WWE. Trust me he getting ready to retire.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Yay right he will be wrestling for another 20 years atleast he loves the wwe

  • Nicholas2778

    I believe John Cena winning the WWE title for the 16 time is John Cena last thing in the WWE. He is going to retire very soon.To much going outside the WWE for him to be sticking around. i think this last injury he had this yet was the final straw.