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John Cena Says Vince McMahon and Triple H Wanted Him Fired Years Ago

John Cena sat down with Brian Soscia of The Soscia Network for a Q&A session with fans. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Who is left if he defeats The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII: “Honestly, this is what I like about April 1, you have a definitive number one being decided. I think at that point it is anybody’s game to try to take somebody off the mountain. We’re at a period in WWE, WrestleMania is truly the end of an era. Triple H vs. Undertaker, Shawn Michaels is a special referee, John Cena vs. The Rock. One of those names, one of those names is a full-time employee for this company and you’re looking at him.

“So I think WrestleMania is a platform, as it always is, for new Superstars – Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, C.M. Punk, Cody Rhodes, Team Laurinaitis, Team Teddy Long. Anyone can step up. I’m going to be there on the top of the mountain with my fists up waiting for someone to challenge me. I think everybody is going to watch WrestleMania and enjoy it, but I think everyone behind the curtain, behind the wall that I’m not supposed to talk about, is going to be watching as hungry as they can be knowing that they want to face the winner of that match.”

Advice to younger wrestlers: “Never give up. Back in 2003, 2002, when I was just wearing boots and tights and I was supposed to be the ruthless aggression young good guy, nobody in the company liked me. I know Vince McMahon won’t admit this, but he wanted me fired, Triple H wanted me fired, everybody hated me. They just wouldn’t give me a forum to showcase my talents. I’ve always been able to connect with the audience if given the ability to speak.

“I got that ability and I was off to the races. I was up against all odds. I wasn’t born into this business. I’m not a third generation guy or a second generation guy. I’m just a dude who grew up a fan like all you guys and I wanted to do this my whole life. And I never gave up. That’s the advice I give to all the young cats, all the guys who have been trying and trying, trying to make it, attempt after attempt. I’ve failed many times, but you never ever give up.”

The video interview is available here.

  • Devil_Rising

    I don’t hate John Cena the person. He honestly seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    But I’m sorry to say, to him at least, that I’ve been sick to death of John Cena the wrestling character for many many years. I didn’t mind him AS much when he was a rapping wigger who made fun of people. I wasn’t a huge FAN of his, but at least he was okay. He had something going on. Then the Marine was coming out, and he got this generic, military esque, “Salute the Audience”, more or less LACK of a character. He’s so vanilla and lame with his “you can hate me if you want, that’s okay” good guy character….it’s just annoying. I’m not a fanboy who hates Cena just because. I’m just sick and tired of him being THE GUY. I’m tired of his matches, tired of his same old promos, same old moves.

    The best thing he could ever do for his career, would be to TURN heel, not JUST heel, but MEGA heel, Hogan joining the NWO heel. Talk so much trash about the fans, even the little kids, that they hate the SHIT out of you. And then have someone NEW, like Punk, or whoever, beat his ASS, and that’s that. It would work, it would improve ratings, and it would allow other people to step up into the SUPER GOOD GUY spot, and hopefully not be so goddamn boring like Cena and Orton are in that role.

  • anti-cena

    you mark my words the great one the rock will be owning cenas ass with ‘wrestling moves’ all match until the closing point when cena’s moves of doom and cena will win.. if that’s the case wwe looses yet another viewer from 97!!

  • anti-cena

    cena wins a WM.. everyone will riot

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    ur the smartest guy one this website

  • poko


    For the most part, I agree with you. The match against CM Punk was really good, and shows that, without a doubt, Cena does have more than five moves in his repertoire. I will also say that Cena sometimes puts other guys over by getting his ass kicked by them for ten minutes, which lets them show off their abilities to the audience, before he does hits his “five moves of doom” for the victory. That’s a compliment to him.

    However, the fact that so many of his matches are so predictable and formulaic is troubling. It makes me wonder how much of Cena’s really good performances have been the result of working with guys like Punk or HBK. A win by a face does NOT have to be boring. HBK, for instance, could give five-star performances as a face OR a heel, where the action was back-and-forth and exciting.

    If it’s the booking, as you suggest, then it makes me wonder if the guys backstage don’t really have a lot of faith in Cena to work a complex match with a lot of momentum shifts and reversals. I look at how bad his timing was against Rey, and wonder if perhaps the mental component of his ability is lacking. That’s speculation of course, and maybe you’re right and he is being held back by creative, but regardless, it’s still valid criticism of the “John Cena” character, since that is a creation of the WWE.

  • scooter

    People who complain about how Cena sucks really need to realize its how he’s booked. Look at his match with Punk last year or the blinder he had with HBK a few years ago! When the guys told to just go out and wrestle he’s amazing its just the superman comebacks that annoy me!

  • Valo487

    I love how John Cena keeps mentioning that he’s a “full time guy.” We get it. And considering how many people boo him, it doesn’t sound like that should be his defense. I for one would like to see him take some time off for a while.

    I also refuse to believe Vince McMahon wanted Cena fired. There has never been any indication of this or mention of it before now. Cena was always treated like he was going to be something. I don’t doubt Triple H wanted him gone, but I’m pretty sure if he could Triple H would get rid of everybody except his hand picked crew.

  • poko

    I agree about the Cena/Rock buildup. So very disappointing and mishandled. It’s been a freaking comedy tour, basically. Every week we’ve had the same old jokes and meaningless insults. No physicality, no sustained intensity, just two guys nitpicking one another. If they REALLY hated one another, then why haven’t they had to be restrained by security? Why hasn’t the GM had to come out and order them not to fight? Why haven’t they been getting in each other’s faces? Or the few times when Rock got in Cena’s face, why was Cena grinning like a pot-head? Simply put, I’ll be glad when it’s over, and RAW can get back to normal.

  • poko

    If Triple H doesn’t end the Undertaker’s streak, or the Undertaker doesn’t walk away while on top, then I’m willing to bet that Cena is penciled in for that honor. I absolutely hate the idea of it, but he is the only one in the WWE perceived to have that kind of stature. They desperately want Cena to be their top guy, and beating the Undertaker at WM would obviously put him over the top in a big way. Never mind that the crowd might riot. I honestly think that it’s either going to be HHH or Cena. If that’s the case, then suddenly the Undertaker losing to HHH doesn’t look so bad.

  • CM Mark

    I hope they wait and let some storylines develop this year before the announce WM29. I thought that was a really bad thing to do to the rest of the roster IMO the way they announced it last year. Although I would love to see Austin vs Punk.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    In all sincerity whom hasn’t Triple H wanted fired (excluding his own guys) at one point of time? I am sure he regrets Sin Cara though, and probably Kharma.

    @ Josh McDowell I agree with that card (at least 2/4 of those) and I like that card a lot, Cena/Rock could be the rubber match though if they face off at Summerslam which wouldn’t shock me.

    @Diesel I understand your points, and I agree with some of them, but I think their match Sunday will determine a lot. First off, I am not convinced this Sunday will be the last of Cena/Rock, perhaps it’d be better off if it were, but I can see reasons for ending as well as continuing. I don’t think it’s fair to judge the whole feud until it’s over, or at least fight at Wrestlemania.

  • Diesel

    I’m not gonna lie this whole Rock/Cena thing has been a major disappointment if I’m 100% honest. I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s crap or anything that drastic, but it definitely hasn’t been as good as it could have been, and before people jump on me for this here me out ok?

    Rock vs Cena could & should be one of the biggest matches of the year, and for whatever reason they’re only gone with the “glass half full” approach. Both of these guys are two of the most charismatic talkers in the WWE right now (regardless of how I feel about Cena )next to the likes of Punk & Jericho, but instead of letting them go full force we’ve had Rock talk about “Kung Pow Chicken” & Twitter & Cena doing pretty much the same thing every week. What happened to The Rocky who verbally destroyed Billy Gunn? Called Chyna a man? or insulted The Coach on a weekly basis? or the Cena who showed no fear and brawled with Brock Lesnar (of all people) in 2003??

    Yes it’s still going to put asses in seats, but either way it could’ve been handled better in my opinion. Whether it’s the “PG” limitations or the fact that they’re just running out of ideas who knows? But the whole thing has really been a slight let down given it’s been done a year in advance.

  • Josh McDOWELL

    next years mania prediction

    rock vs cena 2
    austin vs punk
    hhh vs hbk
    taker vs lesnar

  • Moe

    If Cena beat Undertaker at Mania I will stop watching this shit. Cena is a hack. He can’t wrestle. He needs to go heel!

  • Straight-edge

    i for one like to see this be the last we see taker at maina. no disrespect but last year the undertaker wm match with triple h. wasnt that great. this year i hope its a five star match and its over. i dont wanna see a year where we say undertaker had the worst match on a wm card and if he dont end it soon im sure it will happen. plus there no one left. if triple h cant do it. then no one in the locker room has earn the right to do it.

  • Notingham

    I can’t believe they’d roll out Cena Rock again….Especially since they will probably re match at Summerslam. I do think Taker Cena is a strong possibility. Taker only has one or two more Wrestlemanias….Can’t believe they wouldn’t do that match.

  • Hasan

    @rocky sucks
    Not just yet. Next WM’s main event is Punk vs Austin.

  • Prince

    Nope, It’ll be Cena/Rock again.

  • rocky sucks

    cena vs taker at wm 29. i’m callin’ it right now. we’ll see next monday on raw.