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John Cena’s Return and a Huge Hell In a Cell Match Set for WWE HIAC

– RAW General Manager Brad Maddox announced on tonight’s RAW that Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Title inside the Cell at this month’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

The special referee will be WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, as chosen by the fans on the WWE App earlier tonight.

– It was also announced on RAW that a returning John Cena will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at Hell In a Cell.

  • millerj265

    Well if you think about it they may be putting Cena in the WHC scene for a few reasons. One being that they realize how badly they have messed up with the Bryan angle and they realize how much they have alienated a lot of fans by screwing him over so many times, so there trying to fix it now by giving him the title at HITC and letting him run with it. Cena being in the WHC picture frees up the wwe title picture for Bryan to run with it at least for a few months so that the wwe can try and show a little good will to the fans who feel cheated by Bryan not having a run with the strap. Two, I do believe smackdowns contract is up here soon with the syfy channel(or however there spelling it these days lol) and by putting Cena in the WHC title picture there probably hopping that will boost Smackdowns ratings enough to either convince syfy to renew there tv deal or to pay them more money for the tv deal. Three, now this would just depend on if they used him right but, if Cena does win the belt, then all those guys you mentioned could really benefit from having good competitive matches with Cena for the title, much like it benefited punk and Bryan, and him wining the title could be there way of taking it off of ADR but still having him look good because he lost it to Cena who in the eyes of all the casual viewer’s is the best guy in the wwe. This could also be a way of getting Sandow in the picture and giving him a strong run with the belt by cashing in on Cena and going into a lengthy program with him, because Sandows character was tailor made to feud with Cenas. So he could cash it in, then at the nxt ppv which would be Survivor Series, Cena would probably beat him back for it, then at TLC in some sort of gimmick match Sandow could win it back there and end the feud, that way(and im going by wwes logic here and how they feel they need to book Cena and keep him looking strong) Cena wont look weak because he lost in a gimmick match where he wasn’t pinned, but it still makes Sandow look strong because he beat the almighty John Cena, this strategy worked really well for sheamus back in 09 when he beat Cena for the title in a tables match. This would then free Cena up to transition into whatever role he will play at mania, and it will get Sandow off on a strong run as WHC by beating Cena clean for the title and possibly setting him up for a lengthy run, because out of all the heel champions the wwe has had in the last decade or so Sandow is probably the best heel character that you just know fans will want to pay there money to see a baby face just beat the crap out of and take his belt since JBL was champion on smackdown back in 04.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Either way, the point still stands, Cena has been out for two months and had nothing to do with the recent angles or feuds and gets an automatic title shot against Del Rio?

    I’m sorry but thats just pathetic and even more of an excuse for them to force Cena back into the main event (again), despite there are PLENTY of guys like Ziggler, Christian, Sheamus, Barrett and so on not to mention Damien Sandow’s cash in who ALL could potentially step up to the title scene and put on great matches… yet as usual its the same repetitive formula.

    It’s bad enough that we have to put up with Orton as WWE Champ, but Cena as WHC too? Screw that! The only reason they’re putting him there is because Bryan’s already in the WWE Title match, we all know that if he wasn’t we’d be seeing Cena/Orton (AGAIN)

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I really don’t get the lack of respect for Cena sometimes. To many people call him many things but to me he is one of the more better top name wrestler of all time. Many people don’t like him because they think he just and entertainer but he is not he can go as well as anybody in that ring. I have always had respect for Cena I know why he is there. Without him the young fans are not there watching. The numbers have dip a little since he has been gone. Yes Bryan and Punk have been great but they will never be as popular as Cena. Put Cena is not like Hogan where he won’t put young guys over to me he always try to do the right thing no matter what. It really doesn’t surprise me either he is back so soon. He return in 2008 from a broken neck. I still see a HHH vs Cena at Wrestlmania or maybe Cena will be the one who put that Undertaker streak to and end. If it is Cena that does end Taker streak not a better person to do it. Maybe that have Cena win the World title and give Taker a title match at Wrestlmania the World title has been out of the picture for the past 3 Wrestlmania. There just so many way Cena can be use I think the World title needs a little boost to I always though that the World title is higher then the WWE title because it has been the same design for many year and it a lot harder to win. If Cena wins it great for the World title get a big name to hold it for a little while. I am no Cena fan but I respect him a lot. I have seen worst then Cena in that spotlight to me he handle it with great class.

  • millerj265

    He’s been gone for less then 2 months, your making it out like he’s been gone for half a yr. And following with the only thing I can think of that the wwe has followed threw with on a consistent basis ever over all these yrs, is that it is in the contract they signed for there title match that if they lose the former champion is guaranteed a title rematch(obviously I know there is no contract being signed before every title match that’s just the gimmick) So it does make sense that if the wwe title match is already set and cena wants his storyline contractually obligated rematch, that he could use that clause to get a WHC match. And again he was only gone for less then 2 months and prior to leaving he did win in his last 5 out of 6 ppv matches, so its not like he hasn’t done anything (and again I say in the contexts of storylines) to be considered a top contender for the WHC. Plus id rather him come back and make the WHC look like it matters instead of coming back and instantly taking Bryans spot as the top contender for the wwe title.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    So? He’s been out for months injured, had nothing to do with the title scene with any sort of build up and yet he’s granted a title shot straight away?

    thats bullshit

  • Mike Wells

    Well he never got his rematch for the WWE Title, so seems pretty fair to me.

  • millerj265

    And sorry for the long post, its just nice to see someone who gets how valuable Cena can be when used right, and who doesn’t instantly just crap all over an angle or a potential angle just because Cena is involved in it. I’m not saying it will go this way or that the wwe wont just go back to Cena burying 99% of his opponents, but at least you recognize the potential in a John Cena who is used in the correct and smart way.

  • millerj265

    I agree with you 100%. Everyone wants to complain and cry about cena, but the problem isn’t cena, its how the wwe uses him. John cant be faulted for wwe and there inability to focus on building new stars and giving new guys a chance to not take cenas spot, but rotate in and out of it, and be on the same level as cena, like it was with rock and Austin and to a lesser extent undertaker, Foley, and HHH. They all were big stars and they all could be mixed and matched with each other and it could of headlined any wwe ppv. See cena is in a position where wrestling him and doing well against him and actually having a competitive and compelling rivalry where maybe his opponent wins maybe they lose, but they look strong and competitive throughout the whole feud, will give them that main event level credibility in the eyes of the fans, the casual fans that is, most ppl on sites like these already know who is great and who should be in those positions, but the problem is getting the casual viewer to see these guys in that way and accept them in that role, and cena is the best guy they can face to get to that level of acceptance, IF it is done right. For example, look what it did for punk and bryan, everyone knew they were great wrestlers, and that they should be beating a lot of the guys they were facing because they were better at every facet of being a professional wrestler, and yet when they were facing a randy orton, or a Batista or a HHH you just knew they weren’t going to win, there was no mystery as to the matches outcome. But after cm punks run against cena where he beat him in two straight ppvs, it elevated him to that level where no matter who his opponent was you knew he had a shot at winning, and now the same has happened with bryan (barring the current storyline where he is inevitably screwed over either before or after he wins). Bryan can face any opponent now and you know that he has a chance at winning. But before those two men had competitive matches with cena and beat him there was no way anyone would have even for a second believed that punk had a shot at beating Brock at SS, but because of his run with cena and the credibility he gained in not just beating cena, but taking cena to his absolute limit, allowed for the match to have that big fight feel and that aura of unpredictability where you didn’t know who was going to win. Now if you take away his wins, and his five star matches with cena then that doesn’t happen and there’s no one believing punk can beat Brock, and that’s not a knock on punk because the man is gifted at what he does and he belongs in the spot he has, but he needed those wins, and those competitive matches with cena to be seen that way by the casual wrestling fans. Same goes for bryan, without his victory over cena at the same SS no one would have taken Bryan as a legitimate threat to Orton in this current storyline, and even though cena and bryan had a lack luster build heading into SS, bryan still wrestled a competitive back and forth match with cena, and in the end beat him clean, so that alone speaks to the kind of power and the amazing credibility building tool cena can be for the wwe, because even without a compelling story to back there incredible match, bryan still was able to be elevated in the fans eyes as a legit main eventer because he pinned cena clean. So yes I absolutely agree with you, if done right cena can elevate a talent who is hovering in that upper mid card/lower main event level, and bring him up to his level, that doesn’t mean the guys he wrestles will always beat him, but if done properly they will at least have been established and given the credibility in the fans eyes as someone who can beat him and who is always a threat to any opponent they step into the ring with.

  • Scooter

    If they do the right thing and use Cena to elevate both the title and the guys chasing it then, awesome I approve of this decision and really think it would be great for a guy like Damien Sandow to be feuding with Cena.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Are you f***ing kidding me??

    John Cena has been out injured for months and automatically gets a title shot straight away????

  • Thegame13

    I don’t get this one bit? How the fuck is Cena straight back with a title shot??? And what happened to “surprise” returns? I would much rather not know he’s coming back, be watching Raw or Smackdown and hear his music hit and be like “O’h shit…Cenas back…” and nobody see it coming! That, in my opinion, is way better than just knowing he’s back! They keep doing this with returns… Punk most recent and it fucking sucks!!! And if I was Ziggler i’d probably just pack my bags and leave…what’s the guy gota do to get a top spot? Works the crowd well…looks good…great on the mic…and more importantly is a good wrestler!!!

  • Man

    I hope they allow some blood for the Hell in a Cell match. If Daniel Bryan bleeds and wins the match, his win would be more emotional.

  • Sean Kaboni

    A Sandow cash-in on Cena at HIAC??

  • Another View

    Is this the start of a storyline that ends with Cena v Undertaker at WM30?


    I do wish it was rey mysterio tho, it wouldve been a perfect way to bring him back


    Cena will be the next world heavyweight champion and I cant even be mad


    I might actually tune into hell in a cell now, who wouldve thought

  • JohnCena33

    Perfect way to bring Cena back. He stays out of WWE title picture, will take title off of boring Del Rio, and help smackdown gain relevance.