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John Cena’s Wife Wants Judge to Throw Out Divorce Papers, Force John to Re-file

– TMZ reports that John Cena’s wife Elizabeth has asked a judge in Florida to throw out the divorce papers because they were filled with errors.

According to documents, John referred to Elizabeth by her maiden name instead of her legal name. Elizabeth also claims John did not attach the pre-nup that he referenced in his divorce filing.

Elizabeth also has issues with John’s claims there was no marital property. She insists there is and for these reasons, she wants the judge to dismiss the papers and force John to re-file.

  • prince albert

    lol tyler must be everyoneeee posting here… fail…

  • voice of reason

    we don’t know the information from both sides so i won’t call her a gold digger & such i will just say if you sign a prenup it should be ironclad a celebrity years ago had his prenup thrown out of court due to the fact it was written on a diner napkin i think it was robin williams.

    but the question i have regarding the prenup is is their prenup valid in all states because i’ve heard if you sign a prenup in say texas it may not be valid in california.

  • Tyler(:

    I’m not from USA. Fail.

  • prince albert

    Why are men in USA so uneducated and pigheaded? how do we know it wasn’t John that was fuckin groupies on the road everyday of the year?

  • Tyler(:

    “this is WWE’s way of getting Cena over with people” – Yes. because. this. is. really. WWE’s. Website. Isn’t. It.

  • Bawb

    Can’t say marriage is a joke. Look at wealthy actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They were happily married for YEARS before he passed away.

  • IrishRhyno

    Cenas wife’s a jobber.But seriously hope hes ok during and after all of this

  • Payaso

    Hey, the only important thing here is that Cena was smart enough to get a prenup!

  • John

    Cena’s wife is buying time to re-figure her strategy. Hopefully it’s because the prenup is solid and she won’t be able to get much. It’s a shame Cena had to end up married to a greedy b**ch like that.

  • King

    this is why marriage means jack shit now a days….its all about greed & whats in it for them…its better to just be bf & gf….marriage used to mean something & like i said shit like this proves it its a complete joke now

  • Justin sane

    I hope his pre-nip is bullet proof.

  • Kay

    It is sad for a marriage to end, high school sweethearts. Lives change, salaries go up,but unless she was in the ring taking the bumps she should have to abide with the first document she signed. John keep your money , Liz get a job on your own that pays big bucks if you wan to be rich! Good luck with that! no cheap tale all books are movies, John has worked to hard for trash to happen just look at MAKE A WISH kids he helps.

  • moo

    I aint saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint mess’n with no broke wigga.

  • Leah

    When I came upon this article, I went into my boss’ (he’s a divorce lawyer himself) and asked if all these things are indeed true, is she in the right? He told me the whole name situation is actually BS. He said it’s a technicality, and not something they’d make him refile over since they lived together before they were married. I asked about the marital property and he said she only has a claim to it if her name is on the ownership as well. If it’s just John’s name, then she’s just considered an occupant. He said the only place she was a claim is with the prenup, it has to be included, but even then he said they wouldn’t make him refile it, they’d just give his lawyer a day to produce it. Divorce courts are no less busy than criminal courts, so he said it’s probably a strike against her that she’s even filing this motion…wasting their time. My boss said, that the smartest thing John did was offer her the settlement before he filed the papers. That’s admissible into the records of this divorce, and going forward it’s a black cloud that hangs over her. My boss said if he was John’s lawyer, he’d bring up to the judge that Liz refused to sign it. Show’s that John was looking out for her by offering her anything, the fact she didn’t sign it will be a knock against her character.

    I hope for his sake the prenup is indeed iron clad. All this would serve is to have him refile the documents properly, and he could change things. Hell if she had kept it platonic and actually talked to him, I bet they could have come to some agreement. At least a little settlement (yes I know she turned it down but she says she thought she could save the marriage, so she could say that she realized it was over and now would like to discuss this with him.) Take what he offers, because at least it’s something and go on your merry way. John obviously loved her at one point, so I’m sure he’d want to make sure she had enough to live until she found employment be it in Florida or Mass.

    I also wanna know how she hired the lawyer if she’s this worried about money…Bet if you look it was on the money JOHN made.

  • prince albert

    i hope he loses all his money

  • fivo goes west

    Lol this is all a work!!!!!!!!! It’s WWE’s attempt to get cena over with everyone again. Just Look at all the thumbs up here that everyone’s giving for cena now hahaha

  • CC

    dont like Cena, but I can see why he is divorcing her. she sounds like a money grabbing bitch.

  • yofits

    I support John Cena in this one.

  • cenaWWE

    her current job is spending all of John’s money that he busted his ass for (even before) they were married…

  • Gorilla

    I agree ^^^ she is just mad because she was get a job now.

  • JohnCena33

    Just stop bitch. Your just pissed becuase your going to be living in a shelter with no man to provide you money. Well, she will have to go gold digging again. Hopefully this doesn’t get nastier (hope thats a word) and hopefully after OTL WWE gives Cena time off to figure this divorce out.