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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

  • Gary

    I agree it was nice, but rly…he held onto the barrier, walked it (they are atleast 3 ft wide) and jumped a max of 5 ft? and that makes him the next HBK?

  • In Grind We Crust

    after this happened WWE really showed him off in the “Raw Rumble” why couldn’t they have let him do all that stuff in the real Rumble…?

  • Kim

    That spot was awesome. I really hope they use Morisson more.

  • andre lewis

    thats it ya see thats what im talking about this morrison dude is gifted hbk in his prime would of never did something like that morrison to me is a mix of hbk rvd and jeff hardy all rolled into one but i want him to do more then stunts maybe a title reign or two after being in wwe since 2003 he should be champion morrison and hbk entered wwe at the same age 23 hbk was 23 in 1988 by 1995 it didnt even seem he use to be shawn michaels the rocker two different ppl compared to the heartbreak kid shawn michaels by 31 hbk had evolved and in that time hbk was so good very few ppl could hand with him only bret at that time could wrestle hbk tic for tac morrison is 31 and has won every title cept a wwe or world title as a heel hes better his face run seems forced notice as a heel he didnt do any high flying but as a face hes all over the place as a fan i wanna see him win a major title not the intercontinental or us strap

  • thekingfinallyjoinsin

    screw alberto after that performance Morrison shoulda won it

  • Davey Zoo

    Absolutely superb, I would of like to see him win but am happy with Alberto as well, but you people…. You already know that ;)