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  • daniel

    well it looks like the anaetesia has worn off & he’s enjoying the strawberry milk get well soon john

  • muh boy

    dat strawbarry milk

  • italia911

    jo mo , homo , for real incorrectly really ? really ????

  • Nobody…

    Jomo? More like… Homo.

  • Mo

    Did the dude above me really just spell “for real” incorrectly?

  • Nick

    did the dude above me really just call him jo mo foreal His nicknames are some of the worst ever thought up

  • cam

    jo mo looks high lol

  • Dave Batista

    so when is Melina swinging by my pad? see,s she needs some taking care of.

  • jus sayin

    what kinda bearded ladies are you into JAck45?

  • JAck45

    looks like a chick… oh wait… yeah its john morrison… sorry

  • Justin Sane

    I guess he’s enjoying that hospital food..

  • adam

    When i first looked at the pic i thought he was smoking.