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John Morrison Hosting Tournament of Nerds, Evan Bourne Talk, Torrie Wilson

– Torrie Wilson and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez were spotted at last night’s Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs basketball game.

– Former WWE Superstar John Morrison will be one of the judges for the “Tournament of Nerds” in Hollywood, California on January 21st from the UCB Theatre.

Morrison also noted on Twitter that he has been taking improv comedy classes.

– Even before Evan Bourne’s suspension this week, there was a lot of talk within WWE about what his future with the company would be.

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  • Matt

    He’ll go to TNA and join a tag team with RVD called “high flyer’s” or “high times” 😛

  • chronoxiong

    Evan Bourne’s future is to be “future endeavored” by the Vice President of Talent Relations and RAW Interim General Manager.

  • venom

    Sucks for Kofi. I think we know Bourne will be released soon. Kofi is now going to be back to midcard or a jobber.

  • xMaskedReptilex

    They should turn Bourne heel on Kingston, give him some decent attire with trunks, a better theme song, and maybe a heel manager like Vickie Guerrero, that could make him a path for the IC title picture, he could have feuds with kingston, ryder, a returning morrison, among others…

  • Mark

    Bye Evan how many chances do u give someone

  • bonerjams

    Hell yeah hulk me up got banned
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  • Cenaheelturnplz

    I see evan bourne being released during his 30 day suspension leaving kofi as a jobber until they find something for him

  • item

    and on another note morison is getin actin lessons good for him maybe he’ll improve hes mic skills aswell and than he’ll worth it hes a good inring preformer

  • Tombstonepildriver

    No need to apologize, In fact we should all thank you for saying what we were all thinking.

  • item

    hey hulk me you prob got banned from all the other sites for your remarks if your trying this forum aswell than dont your just upseting users and making them leave or not posting their thoughts

  • Philly655

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  • Dave

    I sense Mr Future Endevoured may be readying himself for a meeting with Mr Bourne.

  • CC

    People might talk shit about Morrison, but at least he accepts his mic skills need improving and is trying to do something about it.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    We all knoww that means his future will be “Future Endeavored”.