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– Brock Lesnar will be appearing in a new movie called Blood Out, which begins filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana from February 22nd to March 12th.

– Tim sent the following: . I work for a radio station in Hartford. We did a brief interview with John Morrison this week and he said he was going to be in the Rumble. When asked who he would cash in his title shot against he said “Shawn Michaels or the Undertaker”.

Morrison isn’t currently advertised for the Royal Rumble match but it looks like he will be wrestling in the match.

  • The Truth

    Absolutely. It is too bad. The WWE really needs to stick with the younger talented wrestlers. Politics suck, and especially in the entertainment world. Too many talented wrestlers not being given the chance to become something special because of backstage antics.

  • Valo487

    It’s sad really, because the way they’ve booked this feud is turning me off to McIntyre when he could very well turn out to be a big deal, but all he is to me right now is the Smackdown version of Sheamus, someone pushed based on Triple H’s influence more than anything else.

  • The Truth

    I agree, Valo. Morrison is an amazing talent, and hopefully the WWE sees it and uses him correctly in the future.

  • Valo487

    If so I hope Morrison is finally allowed to get the best of him and throw all 19 Stones over the top rope. I’m getting pretty tired of watching Morrison get jobbed out to The Nose’s boytoy.

  • The Truth

    I’m banking on if Morrison is in the Royal Rumble match, then I would imagine Drew McIntyre is in it as well.

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