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John Morrison Surgery Update, WWE Announces Timetable For His Return

John Morrison will be sidelined between four and six weeks after undergoing surgery today to alleviate pain caused by a pinched nerve in his neck, according to

Dr. Joseph Moroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical director for WWE, performed the procedure. He created a small incision in the back of Morrison’s neck and moved the bone as well as the C5 and C6 discs from around the nerve route.

“This is considered minimally invasive surgery,” said Dr. Christopher Amann, WWE’s senior ringside physician. “Unlike other procedures, such as those undergone by John Cena and Edge, the typical recovery time is four to six weeks.”

WWE is attributing the injury to R-Truth, who ambushed Morrison prior to their scheduled match on Raw. The angle was set up in case Morrison needed surgery or time off. He was pulled from this weekend’s tour so the severity of his injuries could be examined.

  • Matt

    yeah he needs to be totally healed so he can go back to being pussywhipped by melina.

  • In Grind We Crust

    the longer he takes off the better his return will be. Don’t rush it John! Pace yourself you beautiful man!!

  • elvisD

    Poor JoMo, he was so close to getting there and sidelined, well I hope he recooperates quick, not quick enough where he maybe damaged, but well rested and really able to come on at 100 percent, hate to see him come back and get hurt again, take your time JoMo and have a speedy and great recovery

  • In Grind We Crust

    Several Months? more like several weeks….