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John Morrison Takes Shot at John Cena Over Support for Zack Ryder

– John Cena has been putting over Zack Ryder all weekend on Twitter. Here is one of his comments: “Follow @ZackRyder No disrespect to Morrison but @ZackRyder deserves that match at MSG.”

John Morrison replied and said he agreed, proposing a Triple Threat between he, Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Right after that, Morrison made the following comments:

“You should know better than anyone, sometimes deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

“No disrespect Cena, but if you really think Zack deserves a match at MSG all you need to do is text your buddy @WWERAWGM and he will get one”

  • Dricky_stepboi

    Just so messy! lol

  • venom

    Morrison stands up to Cena, and backs down to Batista, and Mike Knox. Poor Knox is so sad 🙁

  • CM Mark

    You tell em JoMo! Now get a better gimmick and get to work!

  • NWO4Life

    @ Bill. Bwahahaha. Cena going for a title less than the WWE title? Not in a thousand years. BWahaha.

  • breezy

    he said send a text message to his buddy the rawGM… kevin nash used to text the rawGM. so could that mean john cena and john lauranitis are working together??? he is right though cena doesnt always deserve a title shot but he gets one to draw fans. morrison doesnt deserve a shot but he is getting it to draw fans. and yes morrison is better the ryder. they only put ryder on tv for the little kids who watch his internet shows

  • PinkSinCara

    I’m completely uninterested in Morrisson. If this title wasn’t misleading, I wouldn’t have clicked it. Sigh.

  • MJ

    Its about time Morrison defends himself but let’s face it if your boss’s favorite gets everything handed to him. (How many title shots have he had this year?) then its understandable to have morrson get pissed. the company finally throws him a bone after jobbing for the better part of a year and the favorite wants another guy who he has been talking him up for months to get a shot? Morrison told him like it is, you think vince would turn down cena getting in his ear? besides zack is selling merch like hot cakes! morrsion is out the door anyway so just let him have this. kayfaybe lives indeed.

  • 1 2 3

    Ryder sucks dono what’s so good about him

  • DFlo

    Maybe Morrison is right. but hasn’t he learned to keep his mouth shut. Hasn’t he learned that being rude to the companies favorites only keeps him in jobberville. Yeah morrison, you have a point…but shut up about it if you want to move up the card.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Ziggler beating 2 jobbers? Make it happen!

  • ironcross

    Morrison will be taking indy bookings soon anyway

  • Tyler(:

    I lol’d at the dude that said that JoMo is more talented and entertaining to watch than Cena.

  • JIR

    Anything from those two just seems like kayfabe to me

  • Shawn

    Ah, so Cena has been the one Laurinaitis has been texting. Makes sense. Guess he really is going to turn heel and join up with Miz, Truth and Nash at Survivor Series. nWo 2011 here we come! 😀

  • Bill

    YES! Turn him heel! I’d like to see a Cena/Morrison feud….. maybe even for the U.S. Title?

  • JJ

    when was the last time the crowd changed for john morrison oh wait never

  • poko

    Damn if the WWE isn’t serious about taking angles to twitter.

  • Dixie Normus

    A feud between Morrison and Ryder would be Awesome ,as long as Morrison cleanly wins (that is without cheating ) and Zack’s dad should totally be there supporting Jomo.

  • Controversy = Cash

    WWE will put the title on Morrison, turn him heel, and have him fued with Zack because he stole his match. Ziggler will go on to team with Swagger and fued with Air Boom and Awesome Truth. At least I hope this happens.

  • CC

    The news story says that Morrison takes a shot at Cena yet surely it was Cena taking shots at Morrison to which Morrison basically defended himself.

    And then along comes the anti-Morrison crowd like heyfit who call Morrison a pussy when he doesnt defend himself, then tell him to shut up when he does.

  • Devil_Rising

    @heyfit Why? Cena fan much?

    Gimme a break. Morrison is a thousand times more talented (and interesting to watch in the ring), than Cena has ever been.

    If WWE were smart, they would make a it a 3-way, but you know WWE.