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John Morrison Turning Heel?, WWE Keeping Talents Busy at WM, More

Partial source:

– While several sources are reporting that Joey Mercury has already signed a WWE contract to return, many people had no idea about him coming back backstage at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– WWE is planning on promoting WrestleMania weekend in Phoenix this year so hard that hopefully fans won’t have any interest in attending the other wrestling shows that weekend such as DGUSA and Ring of Honor. They’re also looking at keeping the WWE talents extra busy so they don’t have time to attend the shows either.

– There has been talk within WWE of turning John Morrison heel again.

  • nxttyme

    maybe he can stil be a face but he’ll be showy on his abs and that would maybe turn him heel

  • toostrong4all

    how will john morrison turn heel………have a storyline of him teaming up with miz once again

  • Jayy

    The same story with HBK anno…

  • 321kid with a razor

    I Dont think he should be heel yet. His main problem for turning heel is that he has such a good FACE move set. The exciting high flying spots make you want to cheer for him. Yes he can play an ego jerk, but that seems to be a common for heals now. Maybe they need a new type of heel then the MR, I am better then you and you are below me heel.

  • Rated E-dgehead

    Ah shit no! They’re gonna put him in a team with Mercury. Why else would he just happen to turn heel right when Mercury is about to return? All he’s shown in the last year might as well be a waste in this case.

    If I’m wrong about that and he stays a singles wrestler it could be good. He hasn’t had many matches with Edge, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, or Mysterio. I think Christian will go to Smackdown too so there could be some good possibilities.

  • NuclearShadow

    Morrison needs to continue to be built up I believe he can do so as a heel or a face however I can’t see him in any logical story-lines or even worthwhile feuds if he turned heel. This would also make his recent behavior confusing as hes not only been playing a face but he played the role of both a gracious loser (For example his match against Jeff Hardy) and then winner. (When he won the intercontinental championship from Mysterio) Heck even we he lost the title not too long ago his character didn’t seem to make a huge deal out of it. Him turning heel now even more so if its a sudden move just wouldn’t make sense.

    Oh and if by any chance he joins SES and shaves his head unlikely as this is I will quit watching the WWE.

  • Andrew_Gigan

    either way I’m sure he’ll pull it off. If he does get into a fued with SES I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  • Paton

    his arsenal suits a face and think his face run has been better than his heel but I believe he could play both well

  • cheesehandler

    make him a heel then make him the wwe champion

  • Valo487

    I think that Morrison’s strengths are as a heel, and since there’s so few real heels it would be a great opportunity for him to move up.

  • Kammy

    it would be cool to build a feud (good feud) with John and SES. and at wrestlemania have SES start jumping Morrison and have Joey come out with a chair and pull off a austin-McMahon on John(for u Known WWE Vets:Joet acts as if hes coming to protect John but hits John across the face)and Cm Punk defeats John.and spray paint a big “X” on John.

  • RyanMKZ

    If Morrison gose Heel… well… isnt Joey Mercury meant to come back soon as part of SES and feud with him… maybe Morrison will join SES

    John Morrison with SES = Fail!
    John Morrison in a tag team = Seen it, then saw it again aaaand again!

    if he gose Heel i hope he gets that push!
    im getting bored of Taker, Batista & Mysterio

  • king

    The have too many faces on Smackdown.there are way to many Faces in the WWE right now.

  • Krystal

    I agree with you Leon. John should stay face, especially with his DVD coming out on the 16th and also make a run at the World Heavyweight Championship. If he goes heel, it’ll look bad for Smackdown.

  • Leon

    i think they have too many heels on smackdown…punk, jericho, batista, and drew macentire. If he goes face at least he could still fued with drew or punk…

  • James Mills

    YES….for Morrison to take those next steps up the ladder, he MUST be turned heel; he’s simply too handsome and his character is too flamboyant to break into main events as a babyface.
    As a heel, Morrison can take those final steps into Main Events.

  • rko

    Either way, Morrison makes a good heel/face.

  • Sam Peters

    Might be a good move for Morrison to move heel as he does better as a heel