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John Morrison Undergoing Neck Surgery

John Morrison stated on his Twitter account this morning that he’s undergoing surgery to repair his neck.

He wrote, “I’m about to get an operation to fix my neck- I will return @RonKillings.”

The Raw Superstar did not work this past weekend’s Raw live events despite being advertised. reported last night that Morrison is legitimately injured.

  • Matt

    sorry but the words morrison and push just dont go together. 😛

    boring as shit.

  • KitKrock

    I hope he dies.
    don’t mess with THE TRUTH bitch!

  • venom

    Morrison will probably be out for a while. Wrestlers with neck injuries are usually out for a year. I hope Morrison’s career isn’t ending soon. Hope when comes back he continues to get his push.

  • People may have lost respect for Morrison. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to see him injured. I may have lost respect for him and I wanted him to get humbled like Triple H was in the Curtain Call, but I really do hope he gets better. As for Melina, I can’t wait until she gets released.

  • sean

    even though it is just entertainment you never want to hear about somebody injured and needing surgery hope he gets better, and yeah it seems that just when he is really getting a bigger push this happens

  • CC

    They were saying during his recent beat down by R-Truth that he may have damaged his neck, so it could be that a feud with R-Truth wasnt the plan, as they just needed to write him out and used it as a good way to get Truth over as a heel.

    Shame he will be out as I have always been a fan, and dont give a rats arse as to whether he has heat backstage or not.

  • In Grind We Crust

    *him. I’d also like to add myself that I really hope Morrison gets better soon and maybe a big return is what his character needs.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I’m waiting for all the dickheads who called his spineless and a doormat over his backstage “heat” to comment being like “I HOPE JOHN GETS BETTER SOON!!!!” fuck you, you turncoats, no you don’t.

  • jimbo jones

    yea…he was gonna get a monster push against R-Truth. For what i believe his actual talent is, i would take that as an insult. he should be in the main event picture with cena and orton. Him and the Miz shouldve had a good feud instead of cena getting the belt back. But then again, WWE didnt really acknowledge Sheamus for putting out HHH either so well see. I expect to see a “WWE has come to the terms of release of John Hennigan aka John Morrison and would like to wish him the best in his future endeavors.” while he is injured.

  • RAW GM

    Karma…What a bitch.

  • Dystre Fjell

    His karma is really beyond shitty…
    As long as he gets the push he deserves when he returns !
    Good recovery to JoMo !

  • muh boy

    just when he is about to get a push, something like this happens to him. damn it must suck