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The John Report: WWE Money in the Bank Preview

John: Welcome to our WWE Money in the Bank preview. I never know what to write about in the open, so I figure I should talk about the “win on TV, lose on PPV” theory I always mention when I write previews.

I think every WWE fan knows what I’m talking about. A lot of the time when somebody gets the advantage on Raw or SmackDown they end up losing their subsequent PPV match. That advantage can either be winning a match (Jericho over Axel on Raw) or getting the upper hand (Henry leaving Cena lying on Raw). The question is what happens if somebody loses the battle on Raw, but gains it back on SmackDown? I don’t know, but I would think Raw takes precedence. That’s why it’s a theory more than a rule.

The other thing is that WWE apparently changes their mind on a lot of things from Monday until booking the show. It’s not necessarily about getting a prediction right. What I care more about is that the story makes sense and hopefully what we write makes sense to you. We throw out our ideas. You have yours. Then we see what WWE decides to do on Sunday night.

Anyway, after doing the 20 Questions about Money in the Bank last week, an hour long TJR Radio show on Tuesday where we previewed MITB and an exclusive column where I previewed the All-Stars ladder match in depth, I’ve already talked about this show quite a bit. I’ll try to offer some more insight in the preview. Needless to say, Money in the Bank is one of my favorite WWE shows of the year and I think the fact that it’s in Philadelphia will make it that much more special.

Joining me for the preview are TJRWrestling’s Andrew Johnson (our SmackDown guy) and Christian Michael (our Main Event guy). Let’s get to the preview.

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Tag Team Championship: The Shield vs. The Usos (Kickoff Match)

Christian: I’ll admit that I’m more than a little upset that this match got bumped to the Kickoff. This could have been really special if they gave them 15 minutes on the PPV. The Usos are a really fun tag team. They’re different and they can work. The fans seem to like them too. It’ll be a big deal if they can beat The Shield for the Tag Titles. Which I think will happen, just not here.

Prediction- Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns retain

Andrew: I’m not one of those people that automatically thinks time=good match. I’ve seen barn burners that were under 7, and I’ve seen some duds that were around 20 (aka pretty much every Randy Orton match from 2006-2010). A good wrestling match can transcend the time limit allotted, and cream is always going to rise to the top regardless of how long they have to show off their skills. Being on the pre-show might not be glamorous, but it’s certainly a place where cool stuff can happen if they capitalize on it.

The Usos are dynamic. I don’t know any other way of explaining it. They are solid in-ring performers that understand the psychology of tag team wrestling. They “get it” when it comes to working the audience as a team. They are exactly the type of tag team that should be setting the standard for the division, and the fact that they aren’t is perplexing as hell to me. They’re marketable dudes, if you give them the opportunity you’ll be selling those little dolls with Samoan face paint by the truck loads. They’re cool, they’re good at their jobs, and they emphasize what’s best about tag team wrestling. Pull the damn trigger.

The Shield on the other hand, I’m sorry to say, have stalled. Winning those belts (US title included) has probably been the worst thing that’s happened to them. It’s not that they aren’t awesome, because they are. But, at WrestleMania they were mixing it up with 3 main-eventers. Now they’re kind of backsliding, and it’s because of the weight of those damn giant pennies.

None of this has anything to do with my prediction of course. The Shield is going to win because when you don’t know what to do with someone, putting a belt on them is kind of a good stall. It’s kind of like The Wyatt Family is WWE’s newest toy and The Shield is suffering for it. It’s like they’re Buzz Lightyear, and The Shield is Woody, Ham, and that goddamn Slinky Dog.

I’ll let you pick which is which, but keep in mind that Seth Rollins is Slinky Dog. He’s 100% Slinky Dog.

Winners: The Shield

John: I wish this was the first match on the actual pay-per-view instead of the dreaded Kickoff Match because frankly sometimes I miss that match. Why? Because watching three hours is long enough knowing I have to watch three hours the next night too. It can be too much. I know WWE is all about being up in our faces with every single thing that they do and being accessible, but I have a hard time getting into the Kickoff Match. Every outcome is predictable. This one is no different.

I like The Usos as a babyface team because the fans like them. Why are they likable? They are energetic, athletic and have that cool chant during their intro. It’s simple. It works. My issue is that WWE doesn’t have enough good babyface tag teams (sorry Tons of Funk). The Shield has the potential to be an outstanding team, but if they lack opponents to go up against then how great can they be? As for this match, I’d expect them to get about eight minutes and for The Shield to win likely with a Reigns spear.

Winners: The Shield


Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel vs. The Miz

Christian: The Miz is just a guy with a decent name for Axel to beat on PPV. I’m not sure more needs to be said.

Prediction- Curtis Axel retains

Andrew: Is it me, or has Miz been in this exact same match for the better part of a year at this point? Just interchange the opponents and it’s pretty much the same damn thing.

Heel Miz circa John Cena winning streak/ShowMiz is one of my favorite wrestling characters ever. It really hurts me on a cellular level to hate him as much as I do right now, but the fact is that he’s damaging to whatever wrestling program he’s in. Face Miz makes everything about himself at the expense of others, and while that isn’t that different than what he’s always done, when you’re the veteran babyface it’s counterproductive. Especially against a guy like Curtis Axel, somebody that despite his lineage and affiliations, is boring dog shit. He needs to be lead by an opponent that will respect him as a threat, and not try to wrestle him thirty times in a row and allow him W’s on technicalities so that he can be taken seriously.

Axel hasn’t legitimized himself at all. Being a “Paul Heyman Guy” doesn’t mean shit if you can’t back it up. Yeah he won the IC title, but he did so on a fluke when one of his opponents had the other in a submission move, and has lost 50% of his matches since then. Does anyone honestly take this guy any more seriously than when he was calling his finisher the McGillicutter?

This whole thing has garbage written all over it, which says a lot when on the same card is Rob F**king Van Dam.

Winner: Curtis Axel

John: This is arguably the most predictable match on the card. The Miz has been either holding the IC Title or in matches contending for it for over four months now. Isn’t it time for him to move on to something else? Axel just won the title last month and it would be stupid to take it off him when they’re trying to build him up. The only question is will he booked to win clean or will some kind of shady activity occur to get him the victory?

They’ll get about eight minutes, Heyman will distract the ref and Axel will capitalize with a Perfectplex to retain the IC Title. By the way, I like seeing him use that move. He’s the only one that should be using it.

Winner: Curtis Axel


Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Christian: Jericho is in this match for two reasons: 1. He can get a really good match out of the big guy and 2. To lose to Ryback. Jericho puts more people over than any top tier star ever because that’s what he does.

Prediction- Ryback

Andrew: I don’t know what the hell is going on with Ryback. Ever since his heel turn I’ve been thinking “stick a fork in him” because seriously, the Ryback that was–the one that was being built to be the monster money machine of Goldberg lore–has been dead since the day he defended Mick Foley from a CM Punk ass whooping. That doesn’t mean he can’t contribute or be an interesting character, but the original plan for Ryback is unobtainable now, so where do you go from here?

The forfeit a few weeks back is what really confused me. It didn’t make a damn bit of sense, and it made me think Ryback the character is having some sort of existential crisis, and Chris Jericho is playing the part of a really unconventional therapist trying to snap him out of his haze. Is Code Breaking a patient a form of therapy? In Ryback’s case, maybe he’ll get his brain rattled enough to where his brain resets and he starts shouting “YIP YIP YIP” at the top of his lungs.

Winner: Ryback (I don’t know why)

John: In many ways, Ryback has to be considered one of the most poorly booked characters in WWE this year. He got a main event push and some fans were foolish to think he had a chance at beating Cena for the WWE Title (not me), but look at him now. He’s lost in the midcard.

Look at this feud. They set it up randomly in a backstage segment because neither guy had anything else to do at Money in the Bank. As soon as the match was booked most fans figured that Jericho would lose. Why? Because that’s what he does (sorry Mark Henry). Jericho’s said in many interviews that wins and losses don’t really matter. He’s right. What he’s also said is that he wants to put on entertaining matches while having interesting feuds. A feud where the only thing they do to get heat is call Ryback “Cryback” really isn’t that entertaining to me. Whatever writer came up with that needs to be punched in the head. Maybe twice.

What could be interesting in this match is that Vickie Guerrero may end up as the manager of Ryback. It would be a way to give him some momentum going forward. With his new manager at his side, he could rack up some wins and perhaps move up the ladder again. I’d be very surprised if Ryback didn’t win this one.

Winner: Ryback


Divas Championship: AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

Christian: Last month I was excited for this match. This month, not so much. I don’t know, this match doesn’t have my attention right now. I’m more worried about why there’s been such little contact between Ziggler and AJ lately. If you want AJ to stay a heel just blowoff the relationship already.

Oh right, the Divas Championship Match. Kaitlyn should win to get her revenge on AJ but then that means this feud goes on another PPV. Normally a Divas feud going three PPVs is two PPVs too many but this is the best they got so why not?

Prediction- Kaitlyn wins the Divas Championship

Andrew: I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently there is a contract signing on Smackdown for this match and that’s one of the quickest ways to get me to turn on something. Contract signings are stupid as hell, as is anything else that should be held backstage being handled in the ring (like, I dunno, a job evaluation that turns into a firing/hiring situation).

Honestly though, I think this should have ended a month ago, and I’m not really all that interested in it anymore.

Winner: AJ Lee

John: The story has been about AJ dominating Kaitlyn by outsmarting her while Kaitlyn has tried to come back from the mind games by imposing her physical will on AJ. When Kaitlyn isn’t booked to cry, she comes off like a strong woman that fans can get behind. The problem with her is they don’t let her personality shine through. We know so much about AJ as a character, but not so much about Kaitlyn. That’s why the crowds die sometimes during her matches.

Don’t be surprised if Kaitlyn’s “friend” Layla accidentally costs Kaitlyn the match at one point leading to a Layla heel turn in the near future. Hopefully the next Divas Title challenger is Natalya. Nobody deserves it more than her. It’s also a smart move considering she’s one of the stars in that Total Divas show that is debuting on E! Network in a few weeks.

Winner: AJ Lee


World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro

Christian: I like what they did here that six of the seven competitors have her been World Champion. Then they stuck in Jack Swagger who is a former World Heavyweight Champion and has just come off a main event run. Sadly for him, he’s viewed in the same pool as these guys. There’s a very different dynamic in this match since all the wrestlers are heels. It’ll be interesting to see how the crowd reacts. Given that the PPV is in Philadelphia, it’s a smart crowd and I’m sure they have a favorite.

I’d love to see Antonio Cesaro win. He’s a favorite of mine. He’s gold in the ring and would make an awesome heel champion. I don’t think WWE wants to push him to that level yet so I’m going with Dean Ambrose. I did say he’d be a World Champ by the end of the year and this would be the first step. Plus, The Shield needs something to put them back in the limelight (if you can believe that) because they’ve really taken a backseat in WWE since Payback.

Prediction- Dean Ambrose

Andrew: Here’s what should happen: Cody Rhodes should win the blue briefcase. He’s been on hold for the better part of a year at this point, and if Dolph Ziggler hadn’t cut in line, he was poised to be the next break out Superstar. Now he’s been regulated to tag team wrestler, and while that’s fine because Team Rhodes Scholars is inspired, Cody is capable of more than what he’s doing. There’s a reason why he’s my favorite active wrestler for the past 3 years. He’s good and on the verge of great. I hate repeating the “pull the trigger” line, but goddamnit WWE you’ve got a pile of money in a mustache you’re sitting on. Do something with it before the value drops beyond repair.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Wade Barrett is going to win. He’s kind of “off the radar” right now, and when there’s not a clear winner in sight like say, RVD in 06 or Miz in 2010, they like to throw a curveball toward a dude they inexplicably start playing close to their chest like say Jack Swagger or Daniel Bryan. Barrett isn’t the worst choice they could make, but he’s been dipping in and out of irrelevancy so much in the past year that I worry we’ll have another Swagger on our hands, which is kind of heartbreaking if you think about it.

Still, a safe bet is a safe bet.

Winner: Wade Barrett

John: This is a tough one to predict. None of these guys have been booked that strongly in recent months. I’ll try to break down my thinking in picking a winner.

Wade Barrett – I’ve always liked the guy. I’m pretty sure I picked him to win this match in 2011 (Daniel Bryan won) and I figured he would be a World Champion by now considering his strong push in 2010. Obviously it hasn’t happened. A win here would help, but is management really behind him? He lost so many non-title matches as IC Champion and then after he lost the title he’s barely been on television.

Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow – I’m pairing them together because I think this match will lead to the breakup of Team Rhodes Scholars with Rhodes going babyface. There are already signs of it happening with Sandow talking over Rhodes in promos and looking frustrated with his “best friend” a week ago on SmackDown. I can see a scenario where Sandow’s close to winning, but Rhodes is the one to pull him down. That could lead to the breakup on television in the weeks to follow. I’d rather see Rhodes stay in the heel role, but I feel like the turn is coming.

Fandango – He’s a wild card because last month at Payback he was likely going to be the Intercontinental Champion if not for the concussion that he suffered. If WWE management was behind him enough to put the IC Title on him, does that mean they are willing to put the blue briefcase on him? I’m not sure. I’m thinking no, but don’t be surprised if he comes out the winner.

Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro – Again I’m pairing two people up because I think their focus will be as a tag team. It’s far too early to split them up and we’re unlikely to see one of them get a big push while the other is just standing there watching it all go down. Cesaro’s my favorite guy in this match. In a perfect world, he’s the one that would win and have an awesome feud with Ziggler for the World Title. They would put on a WRESTLING (capitalized for effect) clinic. However, it’s not a perfect world. That doesn’t mean I have a problem with others in the match. I just like Cesaro the most.

Dean Ambrose – He’s my pick. Ambrose is the US Title holder who doesn’t defend his title very often because WWE does a poor job of booking secondary titles for the most part. I’m sure some people think he doesn’t “need” a MITB briefcase, but I say why not him? He’s still in his first year on the main roster, the crowd still reacts big to everything The Shield does (even though they have lost some momentum) and it would make every Shield attack mean that much more considering Ambrose is holding the briefcase. Could you imagine: The Shield’s music starts up, the crowd buzzes because they know an attack could happen and then we are tuned in to see if the World Champion can escape with his title? It sounds good to me.

I can truly say I like all seven of these guys. All of them have bright futures. The big question is how will the crowd react? I have a feeling that Ambrose, Cesaro and Sandow will get the biggest ovations from the potentially smart crowd. It will be very interesting to see how this one plays out. I’m going Ambrose for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Christian: I want Dolph to win and I think he should win because it really sucks that his title run got short circuited like that. The thing is that he’s a babyface now and WWE didn’t capitalize off the sympathy he should have gotten from the Payback match as well as they could have. I think he needs to get screwed out of the title here and chase Alberto another month. Make that title win really mean something at a big show like SummerSlam.

Prediction- Dolph Ziggler wins by count out

Andrew: Speaking of things I have no interest in!

Last month’s match between Del Rio and Ziggler was fantastic. I loved how Del Rio worked Ziggler’s weakened brain, and capitalized on a situation bequeathed on him. But here’s the thing, I don’t really know how to feel about it this time. Ziggler is in that awkward pre-face stage where he’s getting cheers but the trigger hasn’t been pulled all the way yet (again with the gun metaphors). He’s also being extremely silly Road Runnering 3MB and ducking his girlfriend and big black buddy, so I don’t really know how I feel about him. If I were a fellow WWE character I wouldn’t want to like Dolph Ziggler. I’d think he was kind of a dick.

Del Rio on the other hand I get. He’s an opportunist, but I can at least see where he’s coming from and know what to expect. If I’m being honest I kind of want to see Del Rio kick Ziggler’s ass again, if only because I enjoy watching Alberto work a body part so much.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

John: This feud could be a lot better than it is, but for whatever reason they haven’t clicked that well. I think Ziggler needs to embrace the babyface role more than he has. I didn’t mind when he crashed the Del Rio fiesta on SmackDown a few weeks back, but that felt like a midcard comedy segment instead of something that should be used to promote a main event level match.

The booking of this one is tough to predict. On the one hand, I think the title has been used as part of the story and that the right thing to do is give Ziggler the big win to get back his World Title. He deserves a decent run as the World Champion. The problem is that it’s obvious Big E Langston and AJ Lee are going to turn on Ziggler, so do they do it here or do they do it after Ziggler wins the title? If they do it after Ziggler wins the title then he could do the feud with Langston although Langston isn’t seen as a guy at the World Title level. That’s why I have concerns picking Ziggler even though that’s what I’m going to go with.

I think the All-Stars Ladder Match will be the best of the night, but this one could be excellent if they get 12-15 minutes and Ziggler is booked like the sympathetic babyface who keeps fighting back. I think with Del Rio’s realistic offense plus Ziggler’s extraordinary ability to sell moves they can have great matches together. Hopefully they are given the opportunity to have a special match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Money in the Bank All-Stars WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match: Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christian & Sheamus

Christian: This match is being dubbed as “The Money in the Bank All-Stars”. Cute nickname given the MLB All-Star game is just two night after this event. Let’s take a look at the seven All-Stars.

1. Kane- He might be out of this match after the attack from the Wyatt Family. It doesn’t matter. He wasn’t going to win anyway. He was just a veteran name to pose a “threat”. (Note from John: He wrote that before Kane was taken out of the match.)

2. Rob Van Dam- I think the fans will just be happy he’s there and see a few high spots from him. It’s very doubtful WWE is going to put the title on him.

3. Christian- God, I’d love to see it happen but he’s here because he’s the veteran ladder match guy.

4. Sheamus- He hasn’t been a champion since October of 2012 so he could be due for a run. I don’t see it. Sheamus seems to be the odd man out of the main event picture right now.

5. Randy Orton- The Viper has a legit shot at winning this thing. He’s been losing a lot of matches lately and cleanly might I add. That’s usually WWE’s way before pushing a guy.

6. CM Punk- It would be nice to see him back in the title hunt, but he’s not going to win here. It’s pretty much a given that he’s facing Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Heyman, Lesnar, Axel -one of them will figure into Punk not winning this match.

7. Daniel Bryan- He was my pick until I saw RAW on Monday. He beat Sheamus clean and then was standing tall to end the show after taking out Punk and Orton. I fully believe in the “win on TV, loss at the PPV” philosophy. I hope that isn’t the case here. Oh and why is he acting like such a heel? Turn Orton if you want a top heel. Bryan is poised to be that top underdog babyface all the fans want. Don’t mess it up!

Prediction- Daniel Bryan

Andrew: Here’s what should happen: Daniel Bryan should get the red briefcase and cash it in at Summerslam against uber mega heel Mark Henry in a clash of disproportionately sized Superstars. Daniel Bryan is AMAZING against bigger wrestlers, and Mark Henry is the best big-man wrestling character since WCW era Big Van Vader. This is a dream match that would be a truly incredible treat for wrestling fans new and old.

Here’s what should never happen: Anybody with the first name that starts with “R” should win this match. Looking at you Randy Orton, and looking at you SUPER HARD Rob Van Dam.

Here’s what will happen: Daniel Bryan is going to win, but he’s going to cash in on John Cena, and that’ll be cool and fun, but not nearly as awesome as Mark Henry.

I guess that’s why we call them dreams.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

John: I wrote a lot about this match in a column at, so rather than regurgitate everything I said there I’d like to simply state that I haven’t anticipated any Money in the Bank match more than this one. I’m a fan of everybody involved and I think the atmosphere for it will be very special.

While I’m not a huge fan of Rob Van Dam, I do like him. I think he has a lot of name value and his appearance is going to lead to some huge reactions from the fans in Philly. He’s an ECW guy in the city that ECW called home. It’s the perfect setting to bring him back to WWE. Will he win the match? Doubt it. Will he have a couple of memorable spots in the match? Very likely.

The Kane story is interesting because they had the Wyatt Family take him out of the match. In a article they discuss possible replacements (even listing Great Khali? WTF) and also mention that the replacement could be no one at all. Bray Wyatt’s name has been thrown out there, but I don’t see why you would do that unless you book him to win. I think that would be too much for him. It would also hurt the others. They could still do the match with six people. I hope that’s what happens. They don’t need seven people. Six is the perfect number.

I think a guy like Sheamus is there to add star power, but it’s unlikely that he will win. His power offense will allow him to stand out although I don’t except the biggest spot of the match to involve him.

Christian is the ladder match veteran who will likely play a major role in putting the match together before they head out to the ring. He’s the most experienced ladder match wrestler in the company. Hopefully there are a few instances where it looks like he may win, but ultimately I expect him to come up short.

As far as CM Punk goes, the main event of SummerSlam is likely going to be him against Brock Lesnar. Does Lesnar show up here? He might. I think it would be a smart way to have Punk lose if he gets close to the briefcase only for Lesnar’s music to hit and then that slight delay could lead to Punk being knocked to the mat. A brutal Lesnar attack at ringside would set up SummerSlam perfectly.

That leaves us with two names: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. I’m picking Daniel Bryan. On TJR Radio I went with Orton, but then I saw the SmackDown spoilers and changed my mind back to Bryan. It’s going to be one of them, I feel. If Orton wins they could still have Bryan get a WWE Title shot (and possibly win it) in the near future while Orton could steal the spotlight from him by cashing in the briefcase to get the WWE Title for himself.

Orton’s heel turn looks like it’s finally happening after being rumored for most of the last year. It would make sense for him to turn during the match or soon after it. I think the best story to tell is Bryan outsmarting Orton to grab the briefcase and then on Raw instead of an Orton handshake, Bryan would receive a vicious assault. Does any of this make a lot of sense to you? It does to me.

Also if it was up to me this would be the last match on the show especially if Daniel Bryan is booked to win. Any match that follows will have a tough time because this has match of the year potential. However, I think the “Cena Rules” are in effect, so don’t be surprised if Cena’s match goes on last.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Mark Henry

Christian: I’d like to go into some long diatribe about this match but it’s really simple. It’ll be slow and boring. Cena won’t be able to hit the AA at first. Then he’ll kick out of the World’s Strongest Slam and then by God!! The most awesome thing ever in the history of Mankind. It’s like Cena summoned the power of He-Man as he hits the AA to win and the announcers act like they’ve never seen a feat of strength like that before.

Prediction- John Cena retains

Andrew: I. Am. STOKED.

I don’t want to rant and ramble too much because then I’ll be stepping even more all over Stroud territory, but Mark Henry is f**king baller. The guy has been killing it consistently since he turned on the Madea and started yelling at people while whoopin’ ass. I love him, and want him to win belts and defend them against other smaller guys I love so I can enjoy professional wrestling the way I want to enjoy it.

The problem is that not everyone likes what I like, and while that’s fine, I’ve learned that the majority likes bullshit. The majority is the reason why The Rock headlined 2 separate WrestleMania’s, they’re the reason that “WHAT” chants still happen, and they’re the reason why WWE sees bringing RVD back as a good thing. The majority also loves John Cena, and while I love him too (for different reasons than multicolored shirts and poopy jokes) even he looks bored being WWE champion. Let’s do something different guys. God forbid it works and you make tons of money. Cena can do something else next month.

Ugh, dreams are meant to die.

Winner: John Cena

John: This reminds me of the Cena/Ryback feud in that I don’t think the challenger has much of a chance to win. While I think Henry’s a more credible challenger than Ryback (Henry’s been World Champion before), I don’t think Cena is going to drop the WWE Championship to a guy who is very close to retiring. I think that Henry speech on Raw a few weeks back was brilliant. I also think there was some truth to what Henry said and that he’s near the end of his career.

I think the majority of the crowd will be behind Henry because the Philly crowd is generally pretty smart, which also means anti-Cena a lot of the time. Henry won over a lot of people with his fake retirement, so I expect a hot crowd especially as Henry hits some of his signature spots. Don’t be surprised to see Cena kick out of the World’s Strongest Slam only for the crowd to boo him.

In terms of quality, I don’t expect a great match although it will be passable. I think they should add a stipulation to it (No Holds Barred is fine) where they can brawl around the ring because if they are in the ring the whole match it could get pretty boring. Henry’s offense is slow and methodical. If he can brawl around the ring at least they can involve some weapons rather than simply chin locks or vice grips to slow the action down. If they don’t get a stipulation and it goes over 15 minutes I wish them good luck because it might be too boring for the crowd. That’s why I’d put this match before the WWE Title MITB match. You don’t want to lose the crowd.

John Cena will win with the Attitude Adjustment and it will be the most impressive thing in the history of wrestling…according to the announcers. How did he do it? Because he’s Super Cena, of course.

Winner: John Cena

Do I expect a cash-in during Money in the Bank? No. I think Cena walks into SummersSlam as the WWE Champion. Give us Cena vs. Bryan in a face vs. face match. Give Bryan the win. That’s what I want. That’s what the people want. Make it happen.


Final Thoughts

John: I’m looking forward to the show. I thought Payback was WWE’s best PPV this year. I think Money in the Bank will top it. WWE deserves a lot of credit for putting on entertaining PPVs this year.

That’s all for us. My plan is to write about WWE Money in the Bank live on Sunday night on and then on other sites on Monday.

On behalf of Andrew and Christian, thanks for reading.

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