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Jose Canseco Appearing On Tonight’s Impact, Knockout Offering Phone Chat

— Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco wrote to TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter Wednesday night on Twitter asking if he could appearing on upcoming shows. She stated on Facebook that he will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Carter wrote on Facebook, “Jose Canseco tweeted me this today “@TNADixie Big fan of TNA. would love to work with hogan. Any room for special guests in upcoming programs?” Interesting as he makes tonight’s Impact Wrestling already!! Tune in Spike TV 9 pm ET.”

— Through Dial a Star, Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) is charging $18.00 per minute to accept phone calls from people. Details are available here. A one-hour chat with the TNA Knockout would cost $1,080.00.

— The feature match on this week’s episode of TNA Xplosion is Devon vs. Kid Kash.

— has released a new Bully Ray T-Shirt.

  • Angry benny

    Jason!!! I hope you have a good explanation on this Canseco thing, I mean Tna is on a good path brother, I mean Hogan met with the writers and they have a “NEW” strategy to take TNA to the next level, First line of business: Bring in old people who don’t matter, (they’ve never done that before) Second line of business is to make Garret Bishchoff a Leader, because you never push your friends in the business, Third line of business brother is turn your back on your fans, because you never did that either, So predictable, I’ll watch when Hogan dies, Bischoff quits, and Jason tells us something useful other than he’s the fluffer at tna and gets beat by his dad, Fucked your MuM Jason!

  • SYM

    I called the Number for Tara and all I heard was and I Quote “Hulk Hogan we Comin for you Nigga” O_O

  • Hofgen

    I think calling anyone on Dial-a-Star a star is false advertising.

  • poko

    Now this is a pretty dumb decision by TNA. NO ONE in the sports or entertainment world wants to have anything to do with Canseco. He’s a total screw-up. I guess they felt they needed another juiced-up, locker room cancer since Scott Steiner left?

  • Will Henderson

    as i said it with Maria and i’ll say it again with Tara, at least she’s cheaper then Lindsay Lohan’s parents.

  • Mr. E

    Jose Canseco = Epic fail.

  • Best In The World

    tna sucks a baseball player on impact really ? God TNA is awful

  • Whooper

    Even Maria charges less per minute to talk on the phone, and shes HOT