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Josh Mathews Claims WWE Is An Unsafe Working Environment

Josh Mathews posted several storyline tweets stating that WWE is an unsafe working environment and the Raw and SmackDown General Managers should do something about it.

Just arrived to arena for #RAW, as an announcer, shouldn’t have to feel uneasy about being here. It’s my JOB to get exclusives with…

The Superstars. Now due to gross acts of rage/anger I’m suppose to be intimidated? No one has the right to put their hands on me. Action…

Must be taken by @WWEAJLee & @BookerT5x they are The GM’s! This is an unsafe work environment. If I seem upset, it’s b/c I am.

  • john

    if he thinks the current state of WWE is an unsafe environment..then josh would have been raped in the attitude era!!

  • Bawb

    Thanks a lot Marc for leading me on into thinking this was a real story.

  • Dan

    Its an “unsafe working environment” when one interviewer gets thrown or a commentator gets attacked once, or if Kevin Nash/Miz and R-Truth attack some people. But when the Nexus attacked everyone and wrecked everything, no-one deemed it unsafe.

  • TwiztidRoman

    Road dogg as Josh’s body guard!!

  • scooter

    Poor little Josh needs protecting poor little guy can’t even do a moonsault 🙁

  • RAMSES 2

    come on put real dirth sheet not storlines!

  • nikki

    oh my same storyline again?

  • GoldStandard

    Sorry, no confidence.

  • sam

    have we gone back in time to last year when HHH was COO

  • wildeye

    This just means AJ isnt going to be staying as GM cause of Mathews complaining it will bring alot of people complaining and agreeing with him. Get rid of the GM crap anyways. Have one and only one that is a business type who can go either for the heel or the face.

  • Hunter

    Not the unsafe working environment again.

  • Wellsy

    Will someone please think of the children!

  • Jimbo

    Welcome to another episode of “Vince thinks we’re idiots and won’t remember storylines from a year ago.”

  • Alan Wake

    He is just trying to do his job, damn it!