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Josh Mathews on when he decided to become an announcer

Former WWE announcer Josh Mathews recently appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio. During his time on the show, he discussed several topics including WWE’s banned words and other insider┬ástories.

Josh Mathews was on the first season of Tough Enough and almost won the competition. But it wasn’t until the end of season two when Mathews first realized he didn’t want to be a wrestler but instead wanted to use his talents outside the ring.

“When Season 2 of Tough Enough ended and they flew us back to do… What do they call those? Reunion episode! It was there that I was approached to be an announcer. I flew to New York a few weeks later. They just saw me having fun, not really caring about what was happening. It was two long days of filming. I was in New York which is my favorite place in the world, and they saw me just having fun and they thought that was something they could put on television. At the same time, I was talking to MTV about being a VJ. This was before they changed everything and got rid of the VJ… So, the hosting was an opportunity that presented itself to me that I never saw coming when I was training to be a wrestler.”

  • pitfallharry219

    He “almost won” Tough Enough? He had no shot at even getting second place. It was always between Maven and Chris Nowinski. The only reason he was even in the top 3 was because better wrestlers either dropped out or got hurt.

  • Arnold Jackson

    So basically the minute he realized he couldn’t be a wrestler.