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– Jim Ross tweeted the following yesterday:

Updated the Q&A section of http://www.jrsbarbq.com. Lesnar to WWE rumor unfounded. However if it happens for WM27 it would be huge 4 WWE.

– For those that saw the recent photo of Melina with a different haircut, it was apparently a photo she took while wearing a wig.

– Below is an interview with Kane from his appeareance on WHAM-13 “News This Morning” yesterday where the former WWE World Champion broke character:

  • Zach


    He’s almost 40, been doing this for nearly a decade and a half and he’s like 7 foot 300+ pounds. Go figure.

  • rikardo

    kane is great man idk whats up with his slow movement in the ring though i know he is capable of moving faster he was pretty fast before when he teamed with rob van dam and the hurricane

  • Rob

    Kane might not be able to talk well, but He has a very interesting political mind.

  • Vinny

    Kanes a worse talker than when hes in character LoL

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