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Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

– Thoughts on the Internet Title? Seems like a tongue in cheek title that isn’t taken seriously.

– Jimmy Hart’s future? The WWE HOF’er has been doing some PR related activities with WWE of which he is excellent. I don’t know what Jimmy’s plans are but he’s still fun to be around.

– Would JBL return to WWE? That’s a question for John to address but my gut says yes if it was a role that he embraced. Perhaps working only TV’s in some capacity would suit the talented, Texan. JBL would bring star power and a bigger than life personality to WWE TV.

– How do I compare Booker’s announcing to JBL or Mick Foley’s work? Really not fair for me to judge my peers but all three are uniquely different talents. Booker is in a new role and not unlike wrestling it takes time to develop one’s game. Broadcasting the genre isn’t easy.

– What talents have I especially enjoyed in WWE developmental? Actually there are several including Husky Harris, Bo Rotundo, Johnny Curtis, Seth Rollins, Ritchie Steamboat and Brodus Clay, among others. I always leave some out so don’t take that as an indication that I don’t enjoy other’s work. Going off the top of my head here.

  • Elizabeth

    Everybody has a face 5 now

  • TheMark


  • Johnny Nitro

    Good ol’ bitter JR taking some shots against booker hehe

  • CC

    Booker is friggin awful on commentary, which surprises me as I thought he would be good.
    He doesnt know what half the moves are called, and keeps on going on about the same shit all the time (his Fay five being a particularly annoying thing) and pisses me off with all his shit like D Bryan instead of Daniel, and Shuckey Ducky, which means nothing to anyone who has never watched Def Jam comedy (or whatever its called).

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