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JR Blog: Cena Injury Correction, Cole’s Announcing, CM Punk

Jim Ross is back with another blog on Here are some of the highlights:

– I thought that John might have suffered a hip pointer which is a severe bruise. That speculation was erroneous on my part. He is day to day according to Knowing Cena he will be back in action much sooner than many, many others suffering the same injury. Athletic, hip injuries are hard to define or so they seem to be with football players. I certainly wish John a speedy recovery.

– What do I feel is CM Punk’s attraction to the WWE Universe? IMO, it’s simply his overall talent. Punk is simply being himself which translates well on the TV screen. His skill set is unique and he is extremely confident in his abilities. The guy is a student of the game and will do what ever [sic] it takes to be the top guy in WWE. Plus, he has great verbal skills.

– Of course I don’t ‘hate’ Michael Cole. He’s doing his job and has simply interjected more of his natural personality into his work than he did previously. Some folks like it and some don’t. People said the same thing about my announcing back in the day. My guess is that Cole doesn’t care what fans think of him. Cole is garnering more attention than ever before in his career so something must be working, right?

  • Stashathan

    about Cole… I’m not saying the guy is bad at his job but, well, he is annoying to the fullest. but i guess that is what Vince was looking for.

    Jim Ross was the MAN

  • david

    What does cena injury means for the story line.

  • allen

    WTF!!! A Micheal Cole mark… now i’ve seen it all…. lol j/k bro the guys is no jr we all know it but its what we have, the dude makes an effort he is a character and he plays it to the best of his ability. am sure there are far better commentator, but he is what we got if vinny mac gets smart and see the ocean of bad comments MC (lol emcee lol)related then he is gonna look for another guy to scream his frustations at…..JR you are the man….

  • yechiel {israel}

    michael cole is awesome. love him or hate him he’s doing a great job

  • CM Mark

    JR knows Punk is the man. JR is better than you…

  • Andy

    Did anyone else hear Michael Cole call the Miz the Wiz Monday night on Raw ?


    Michael Cole Sucks