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JR Blog: CM Punk & Last Night’s RAW, WWE’s New DVD Project and More

Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on Here are some highlights:

– Big news out of MNR is that CM Punk is apparently leaving WWE after his MITB PPV main event in July in his hometown of Chicago with John Cena for the WWE Title. This quickly has become the talk of the business as Punk is arguably the best antagonist in the ring right now as his work Monday night in Baltimore indicated. Who knows what’s going to happen in Chicago? I certainly don’t. Would a Punk win change MANY things within WWE? Absolutely. Could Punk become a ‘lame duck’ WWE Champion? With question. Would John Cena have to carry the burden of being the guy who lost the WWE Title to a man who has nothing to lose and has publicly stated that he’s leaving WWE? Yes sir. Is Punk leaving the WWE forever? I don’t know as only @cmpunk can answer that one.

This I do know…the storyline between CM Punk and John Cena/WWE between now and Money in the Bank PPV should be excellent TV and I’m excited and anxious to see how it all plays out as I’m sure are many other fans. I choose not to over examine the matter and simply enjoy MNR for what it is and what this matter means within the body of the program.

– @steveaustinBSR is spending some down time on his south Texas Ranch, the Broken Skull Ranch hence BSR, after driving his RV from LA to Texas. The Texas Rattlesnake is still a ‘road warrior’ at heart and loves to make that hellacious drive.

– Nice seeing Shane McMahon on TV Sunday at the US Open Golf Championship. Shane is involved in a company the represents Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Charles Swartzal, and Ernie Ells, among other top international golfers.

– I need to get back to doing my homework on the WWE project that I will soon be starting that I honestly feel will be one of the most ground breaking projects that the WWE or I have personally have ever done. It’s a fascinating DVD project that will be released later this year. More info as it can be made available.

  • Nicholas G

    Have no dough CM Punk will be back in the WWE someday. It just the guy is burned out. No don’t see Punk going to TNA because he hates the people who are running it. Most likely feel the same way Jericho does that going to TNA would be a step backwards in his career. Put a year or 2 from now CM Punk will be back in the WWE ring just like Jericho will be by the end of this year.

  • Generic Troll

    @venom, i’d like to see him win it then roll credits, he deserves a win not a cheap short lived worthless victory, going out as champ, taking the break he needs and coming back though i wish he’d stay, i doubt he’d go anywhere but ROH if he went to another company, but hel be back, hes already stated he wants to commentate when hes finished wrestling which im all for ‘john my diet soda’ priceless, long like cm punk

  • venom

    I hope Punk wins it and wouldn’t mind the Raw MITB winner cashing it in that night. This makes Punk leaving as a top star, and will more likely to return to WWE instead of going to another company.

  • Matt

    and knowing wwe cena comes out on raw the next night and crushes whoever won it and regains the title and its all the same as before the ppv..

  • Notingham

    Let me guess.. Punk wins the title.. then the winner of the MITB match comes out and beats him “saving” the WWE from having their title taken.

  • venomex

    maybe it’s the death of WWF dvd