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JR Blog: Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels, Ryback Losing to CM Punk on RAW, WWE 2K14

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights:

The Daniel Bryan – Shawn Michaels segment: “Loved the HBK-Daniel Bryan segment. Not sure where it’s going but I’d bet ample amounts of BBQ sauce it won’t culminate in a match between the two. If I’m right then creative can’t give me something that they can’t deliver and if I’m wrong…then I’m wrong and we likely get a helluva match with no clearly defined villain at this point in time.”

Ryback losing to CM Punk on RAW: “Surprised that Punk beat Ryback so convincingly. From day one, if Ryback had been put with a skilled tag team partner he likely would have been better off as he continues to evolve. I still think Ryback has value but am curious as to how WWE addresses his situation going forward.”

Commentating on WWE 2K14 with Jerry Lawler: “The King and I provide the commentary on the 30 years of WrestleMania portion of the new, 2K Sports video game that’s on sale now. It likely will be the last time that King and I pair up and I hope that you will support our efforts with what is considered the best video game ever produced on a WWE platform.”

  • CC

    Bit surprised that JR would say that there is no clearly defined villain. If that wasnt a HBK heel turn on RAW then I dont know what is.
    It all started out fine, but his comments to DB after he refused to shake his hand were pure heel.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So far i’am very much enjoying the game; between the roster, graphics, commentating is actually pretty dam accurate and not repeating and the best thing about it is it’s very good attention to detail. From Goldberg starting from the backstage in his entrance, Daniel Bryan’s say NO entrance and sounds like an actual sound bite, etc. I would guess this game was made by actual fans of the business.