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JR Blog: Will Foley and NWO Ever Return to WWE?

– Jim Ross recently wrote a new blog on his website at and answer questions from fans that were addressed to him via Twitter. The following are a few highlights:

Will Mick Foley ever return to WWE? I don’t have a definitive answer but my gut instinct says that he will at some point and it could even be this year. I can’t see Mick wrestling regularly but stepping back in the ring for something special seems feasible. Mick has many skills and could be an asset for any company in a variety of ways.

Will the nWo return to WWE? Not sure why we get SO many questions on this one other than many fans seemingly long for content that stood out back in the day and the fact that Kevin Nash made an impactful visit to Buffalo Sunday. My ‘guess’ would be no but I wouldn’t wager on it either way.

  • voice of reason

    venom well said & dave well said too

    personally i’d love to see scott norton & buff bagwell back

  • venom

    As much as we bash Hogan, he’ll probably return when his TNA contract is up.

  • Dave

    In order for the NWO to reform, Scott Hall needs to get himself sorted. And that doesn’t look likely from the recent stories about him. Could you reform the NWO without one of its founder members?

  • THE josh

    @Bawb thats comedy

    Im getting sik of these bullshit answers from JR… he works for the company why would he gives secrets away… Dont even bother asking

  • voice of reason

    i’d love to see a nwo reunion or even a wcw reunion where they get the wrestlers back in the ring again just so i can see whats happened to the wrestlers i loved all those years ago

  • Vic

    Haha I laughed so hard I could barely breath. That was a good one.

  • The Rock Obama

    @A Bawb, that is hilarious!! And I completely agree with you, Good ol’ JR always does that.

  • Bawb

    I love Jim Ross’s on-the-fence answers. “After not eating all day, I probably won’t take a shit after tonight’s buffet in my favorite restaurant, but never say never.”