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JR Blog: Giving Zack Ryder the Ball, The Rock Helping Out, The Undertaker, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– People who feel that Rock isn’t good for WWE are missing a helluva story unfolding as he brings amazing PR and media coverage to WWE not to mention that he sells lots of PPV’s of which everyone on the team benefits. I’ve actually had Tweets from fans that feel that Rock returning to WWE hurts the biz and other talents which I believe is completely wrong.

– If ‘Taker was retired or planning on doing so, don’t you think that WWE would have made a HUGE deal of it? Of course they would have. A man with, arguably, the most storied, tenured career in WWE, ever, will not go quietly into the night or without fanfare. I can easily see Undertaker defending ‘TheStreak’ on April 1, 2012 at WM28. Exactly when he returns isn’ t on my radar but he will return and, just as his retirement will be some day, it will be HUGE news.

– Am I returning to Raw? There are no plans of which I am aware that has me returning to RAW on a regular basis however things change on somewhat of an on going basis. I enjoy dropping by on Raw from time to time. I had a great time in Boston recently.

– Do I think that Zack Ryder deserves to elevate on the WWE roster? Yes..I’d suggest giving him the ball and seeing what happens. Ryder has worked diligently to brand himself via social media but will have to be taken more seriously inside the ring to get to where he wants. However, that can’t occur unless his number is called. Ryder is one of many WWE talents that seem to be “this close” to moving on up to the East side. Sometimes it’s just a right place, right time sort of deal that brings everything together. Again, all talents should maximize the minutes of TV time no matter how short or the circumstances.

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  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @JIR For the most part I agree with you here. Would love to see Taker (my alltime fav.) Retire with the streak intact.

    @Buttercastle (what the hell kinda name is that?) Taker has earned the right to show up when he is damn good and ready, And the streak is always the highlite of WM.

  • JIR

    Punk vs. Taker would be great for WM 28 however I am of the camp that thinks Taker should retire Undefeated Streak in tact. The day Taker decides to retire he will get the biggest send-off in WWE history.
    @Venom I loved the way Flair got his WWE send off but Flair just disappointed me with his actions by going to TNA after all the celebration of his career in WWE

  • john

    “I want to see someone like Punk beat him at WM and send him packing for good.”

    ^Really? Really? In case you didn’t notice, Undertaker had the best match at WM for the PAST THREE YEARS! With everything that he has done and the things he is still very capable of doing, that seems to be a really bold statement. Just because the guy is semi-retired doesn’t mean he can’t go the distance. Look at Hogan and Flair and what a joke it is to see them in the ring. The Undertaker is far from being a joke like that. Have some respect.

  • Buttercastle

    Every year he makes his return, and every year he gets over hyped. Honestly I wish he retired after his American Badass phase. He shows up just before WM, automatically gets put in a match with someone he has nothing to do with.

    I want to see someone like Punk beat him at WM and send him packing for good.

  • venom

    I hope Undertaker gets a better send off than Flair.