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JR Blog: HBK’s Role for Taker-HHH Hell in a Cell, Austin at Mania?, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights:

– Adding HBK to the equation inside HIAC w/ HHH vs. the Undertaker is intriguing. Lots of ways to analyze this development. Where will @ShawnMichaels allegiance lie or will he throw us an off speed pitch and call it down the middle? Certainly a case can be made that HBK could have lingering ‘issues’ with both ‘Taker and The Game. It makes for potentially, interesting TV leading to April 1 in Miami.

I still hold steadfast that it’s possible for Shawn to ‘steal the spotlight’ from the other two future, HOF’ers in the match. I’m not sure how but I never question ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ at this time of the year. If a referee can become the most talked about individual in a marquis match like HIAC it is Shawn Michaels.

– Will @SteveAustinBSR be at WrestleMania this year? I’ve heard nothing about any plans for Steve to attend even though I know that the WWE HOF is one of his favorite events. Personally I hope that he does as it’s always good to catch up with him. As far as Austin being on the card, I’d definitely say no.

– @TheRock and @JohnCena continued their verbal assault on each other as they build to their long awaited main event at WM28. Expectations for this show closing match, in all probability, at WWE’s biggest, annual event continue to rise. Cena and Rock have a tall order awaiting them closing WM28 as I feel the card is strong. The professional angst to close a WrestleMania event is much bigger than many fans perceive. Some talents handle it well, and actually covet the pressure cooker environment, while others don’t.

Rock and Cena have been in the position before but speaking from experience, every WrestleMania event brings with it a uniqueness and it’s own set of challenges and expectations. This match has been talked about for a year so the expectations for the match quality are greatly enhanced.