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JR Blog: Holiday Wishes on Brodus Clay, Tag Team Wrestling, Lawler & Bryan

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another new blog over on In this entry, Ross shares his Holiday Wishes:

– That Brodus Clay will someday make an impactful debut in WWE.

– The return of viable, tag team wrestling on the global stage. It would be new to many younger fans, it would provide fresh, TV programming, and, as we have seen many times in the past, it facilitates the ‘spinning out’ of new individual stars especially if the teams are truly established and not thrown together.

– I’d love to see Jerry Lawler be able to wrestle more on WWE TV. Performing with Jerry would help so many younger talents as I felt King’s work in 2011 with Miz was extremely helpful for Miz. If King were told tomorrow that he would no long broadcast Raw but would instead be used in the ring, he would love it. (Same goes for Booker T wrestling younger talents.)

– That Daniel Bryan gets plenty of positive, TV time and a legit opportunity to show all involved what the hard working veteran can do from bell to bell. Personally, I find any ‘size arguments’ regarding the new, World Champion to be near sighted and outdated. Plus, Bryan being verbally thrashed for being a vegan or a ‘hypocrite’ for cashing in the MITB contract earlier than WM28 has run its course. The consumers will determine if Bryan is a hit or a miss.

  • Kamala’s Foot

    The King is too old to start wrestling again, but he is better than Hogan.