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JR Blog: Jericho/Nash and WWE, New Legends Roundtable Segments, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are highlights:

– WWE was in Winnipeg, sans native son Chris Jericho, Friday night after a hellacious travel day where all the crew did not make the event due to weather issues. Over 7,000 fans turned out in the ‘Peg which was excellent.

– Speaking of Jericho, he owes none of us another match if that becomes Chris’ decision. @IAmJericho has done plenty in his illustrious career to more than fulfill all our expectations. If Chris decides to return to the ring it will be in WWE and I think that he will but it may not be full time. That’s just one guy’s, uninformed opinion.

– Twitter question….I don’t know what WWE’s plans are for Kevin Nash who has a Legend’s agreement with WWE and last appeared in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Do I think Kevin can still help as an on air performer? Absolutely. Kevin is a bright man with a high wrestling IQ who still has fuel left in his former Tennessee Volunteer tank.

– BTW and speaking of legends, we are preparing to shoot two more Legends Roundtables in a week or so. Not sure of the complete panel, I think that Michael Hayes, JJ Dillon and myself are 3 of the 4, or the topics. It’s one of my favorite things to do especially now that I’m not on the air weekly. Love the atmosphere and the honesty of the panel and am anxious to hear of the subjects, panelists and air dates which are all TBD.

  • Camille

    @Jimbo What part of this was condescending?

  • venom

    Bring back Nash and Jericho. Hopefully we will get Nash vs Big Show at Summer Slam.

  • shawn

    @ Jimbo j.r. would seem like hes condescending while answering questions because he knows a lot about having a career in the wwe. but in his blogs he only expresses his opinions because he doesn’t know anybodys personal life.

  • Jimbo

    Why does JR come across as such a condescending a-hole in these blogs? I mean sure, he must get a ton of stupid questions….but you should kind of expect that if you’re going to have a blog in which you answer questions, no?