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Jim Ross is back with another blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

– Jerry Lawler defeating Miz somewhat surprised me but John Morrison igetting nvolved certainly enhanced my interest in the Falls Count Anywhere, WWE Title bout next week between the two former tag team partners. The Miz-Morrison match will be in Phoenix where I will be attending the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. I’ll just miss the WWE in the desert as we head home on Sunday for a little B-Day observance back in Norman on Monday.

– King had all kinds of travel woes on Monday including getting separated from his luggage. He told me that he did not take a jacket or coat with him on this trip, he hates ’em, but that he did “bring a hoody…..and gloves.” Classic.

– The CM Punk/Nexus affiliation is intriguing. More questions than answers which is good. There is strength in numbers and it certainly puts the ‘hero,’ John Cena, in an uphill struggle. Punk is excellent both in the ring and on the mic and I look forward to seeing how the Cena-Punk scenario plays out over time. If they don’t get it on until the Royal Rumble match, I wouldn’t be offended. Sounds like Cena-Punk could theoretically be a solid WM27 attraction. Time will tell.

– Lots of crazy rumors floating around the MMA message boards about Brock Lesnar these days. Some fans feel that Lesnar is looking to leave UFC and return to WWE. That decision would floor me. It doesn’t seem to make sense at this time for Lesnar to leave UFC as there is too much Octagon money on the table for Brock to walk away at this time. I just can’t see the athletic freak going back on the WWE road for any significant length of time especially with young children at home and Brock being most comfortable when he is in the Minnesota woods enjoying family life and hunting. Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I would embrace a Lesnar return to WWE and it ‘might’ happen on a sporadic basis some day but not any time soon.

  • Kris

    @ erik, cool dude..excellent point, wodnering do you watch TNA? jsut curious? I agree with the mroe wrestling, less babble, my mo coutned one night, and ther ws like 90 minutes of tlak and 30 of wrestlign, dont rember which raw it ws but yeah

  • erik

    @ kris for your information i have been watching wrestling since i was 6 years old. Since wcw and wwe was known as wwf i am a fan of wrestling. So i would just like to say that if wwe show me more wrestling in there shows i would not complain at all.

  • Kris

    sorry about the spelling errors

  • Kris

    I already erased, but if u can send me a link, I will go back and look at it fair, email is sirkrednib;hotmail.com
    @ Erik, not really a fan, but have been watchign wrestling, since i was 12(now 37), so i can remember when they actually had to wrestle, not like now. but yea, either way, people will agrue for either side.
    To be air,m I will go back and look at it.

  • Buttercastle

    Just because you start your sentences with “I mean” doesn’t make your opinion make you sound like less of a jackass.

  • erik

    @kris lmao I mean king tell a story in ring? I mean i get your fan and all but king is fat outshape and hasn’t had good match since 1995. What a joke wwe is now!

  • shawn

    @ Kris i really do believe he was out of it. dvr the match or something and watch when Miz does the turnbuckle clothesline.

  • Kris

    actually that is the kings style, unliek todays competitors king can actually “tell a story” and not do the 5 moves of doom then bam win. he sells his oppenetes moves, as well as being exhausted well.

  • shawn

    King looked like he was going to pass out in that match man. he was supposed to dodge Miz’s turnbuckel clothesline the 1st time, but did it the 2nd time. and he looked weak in the knees too as a result of being overexhausted. ive been there during my 1st day of costruction work, and ive seen a lot of that too. and the weird thing is, people actually recover from this. but they dont do 3 dropkicks in a row right after!

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