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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights.

-Ross on Brock Lesnar and Dana White: “Read on Yahoo Sports where UFC President Dana White and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar haven’t spoken since Brock’s last fight. Not sure what to read into that except it is somewhat unusual for the head honcho and one of his company’s biggest attractions to not be communicating directly. Knowing Brock, he’s probably in the woods in some isolated place hunting deer or some other big game. One would assume that Lesnar will fight again in the late spring of 2011 or at least I’m sure that Lesnar fans, like me, hope.”

-Ross on Lesnar’s next fight: “To me Brock Lesnar’s next opponent is a no brainer. It should be Frank Mir who is as good as they come in verbally selling a PPV fight in UFC. Mir hung Lesnar’s first loss on Brock to which the Minnesotan avenged evening their personal score at 1-1. Why not have the ‘rubber match?’ No one seemed to mind a ‘rubber match’ between BJ Penn and Matt Hughes recently even though the ending came in a shockingly abrupt manner.”

-Ross on the King of the Ring tournament: “I am very anxious to watch Raw this Monday and see how the King of the Ring Tournament goes. Looking at the qualifiers it would seem that several could theoretically win the tourney. Somehow, King Sheamus has a ring to it but so does King Morrison. The bigger question may be who gets the nod, a Raw wrestler or a Smackdown wrestler? I just hope that none of the matches are rushed.”

  • Zach


    So because JR isn’t biased that makes him a bad person? We’re all entitled to our opinions no matter how much of a fantasy they may be which seems to be what’s going on with you. GTFO

    LOL @ 50/50 chance. You obviously have not been reading the last 80 articles on this subject where it’s been made clear that even if he wanted to, Brock can’t wrestle for anyone for contractual reasons.

    And because he loses one fight he’s going to question whether he can still go? You idiot. And then to try to tell us what he’s thinking. Who the hell are you?

  • dave

    dude i love wrestling but brock is staying in the ufc the schedule is easier, he doesnt have to deal with politics, its a no brainer to stay in a real sport like mma

  • Sarrkazztic

    Considering that Brock received a 180 day medical suspension and does not like people in general is it really all that odd that Dana has not heard from him?

  • Vinceite

    Wow, J.R. way to go. You want Lesnar to go back to UFC when there is a chance he could go to WWE. You are definitely a team player. Maybe that’s why you are no longer in the announce booth.

    On Lesnar: I’d say there is a better than 50/50 chance he ends up in WWE. Right now he’s thinking, “Do I go back to UFC where I have no idea what my future is (will I win anymore?).” Or does he go back to WWE where he knows he is a lock to be “the man” for a long time to come. Pretty simple choice in my opinion. Plus, Vince has the $ power here vs White. It’s NOT a coincidence that Lesnar hasn’t talked to White/the Taker angle/ etc.

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