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JR Blog: Kurt Angle’s Olympic Hopes, Undertaker’s Status, HBK-Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a new blog entry over on Here are some highlights:

– Previewed the documentary portion of the @BretHart and @shawnmichaels_ DVD Thursday night and it was main event money. Those two WWE HOF’ers were honest and open to every question. I did not lob softballs and they did not avoid any questions. It was a very emotional and compelling piece of business. The DVD hits stores around October 25 and will obviously be on shelves for holiday shopping. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

– When is the Undertaker returning or is he retired? When the Undertaker retires don’t you think that every wrestling fan in the free world will know it ASAP via WWE? Taker is not retired. I do not know when he’ll return and neither do those who Tweet us and act as if they do.

– Will Kurt Angle make the next USA Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team? I seriously doubt it but I’d love to be wrong. It would make a helluva story if it happened but it’s a long shot at best in all due respect to Kurt. Honestly, at that level one must devote all their time to achieving their goal.

  • StudDog

    Ok, Let me get this straight, So if CM Punk does not mention your name then you were never any good? So you were only a superstar if Punk uses your name in a promo? Damn thats just stupid.

  • 6burgh

    Kurt Angle name was not mention because he works for another company. On air Punk talks about he says whatever he wants, but if he is name dropping you better believe he got Vinny Mac’s ok first. Jericho, Brock, Foley and Batista are all free to come back to the WWE. Angle is not.

  • kurt

    if kurt angle doesn’t get considered for best olympic wrestler in amerian history (gold medal with a broken fricken neck), then cm punk shouldn’t be a wrestler

  • WTF

    So CM Punk cuts one promo and now he’s the guy that decides who’s good and bad??? I mean i like CM Punk and love the storyline but come on, most of you wouldn’t give 2 shits about him or what he said 3 months ago.

  • D2K

    @ nick: No…you said that because CM Punk did not mention Angle with the others as people whom were misused by WWE that equated Angle being not ‘well-liked’ backstage. I didn’t misunderstand your point, you just made the wrong one.

    Kurt Angle left WWE because he could not endure the schedule anymore. That’s the same reason Brock Lesnar left. Granted with Angle it was more about physical issues and Lesnar mental issues, they both left because the schedule was too grueling.

    With all due respect, you don’t know why CM Punk doesn’t or didn’t do ANYTHING. CM Punk simply just didn’t mention Kurt Angle. Period. No need to read into anything.

    CM Punk just says what on his mind at the moment. That’s his shtick. That’s why he mentioned Jack Tunney this past Monday.

  • Bill

    Kurt Angle was my “Super Cena” when I first started to watch pro-wrestling & I thought he was the best Olympian ever. Although I still think he was a great freestyle wrestler, I know he’s not the best Olympian ever & I highly doubt he’ll make it to the Olympics. But like JR said, it would be a story to tell if he did make it & won. Personally, I’d like to see him get one last run in the ‘E & call it a career. He needs to stop getting associated with stalking, drugs, the JJ affair, & all of the other stuff that’s happened to him while in TNA, not that this applies to everyone in TNA.

  • Nicholas G

    @D2K you totally misunderstood my whole point. I said I respected what Kurt Angle has done in the past in the WWE. But the way he left the WWE is the reason why guys like CM Punk don’t talk about him very much when it comes to wanting to make a WWE return.

  • venom


    That’s because Kurt Angle and CM Pun khad some problems on twitter around Wrestlemania. CM Punk said Kurt Angle’s twitter was hacked by a drunken douch. I don’t see Angle making the Olympic team either. I hope he does though. I think he is doing this to help TNA get some media.

  • D2K

    What you just said makes absolutely no sense at all. Kurt Angle within just a few months of his in ring debut had captured both the IC and European titles simultaneously. A few months after that he was the WWE champion. He remained the world title picture from that point on until his WWE career came to a finish. Kurt Angle arguably accomplished more in a short-span of time than any WWE superstar to date. He even has a clean submission win over Hulk Hogan! After all of that why would CM Punk or anyone with a brain think the Kurt Angle was ‘misused?’ Of course he wasn’t misused which is why CM Punk didn’t mention his name as being one that was misused.

    Even if CM Punk didn’t like him (which I have never heard him say,) what does that matter? Because CM Punk doesn’t like someone that makes them not ‘well-liked?’ Gimme a break here.

    Without taking a poll of every single person that came in contact with Kurt Angle on a daily basis there is no way of gauging whether or not someone is ‘well-liked’. Not everyone gets along with each other. As Jeff Jarrett said in his tribute to Owen Hart…..

    “In this business you have a lot of acquaintances, but very few friends.”

  • Nicholas G

    JR speaks the truth when it comes to Kurt Angle. I just don’t see Kurt Angle doing anything in the Olympic. Now don’t get me wrong I respect Kurt for what he has done in the past in the ring. But out of the ring I don’t respect. I mean when CM Punk was talking about guys that WWE has misused that left the WWE. Kurt Angle name was never talk about gee I wonder why. CM Punk talk about Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Brock Lesner and heck even Batista which shock me. But CM never said anything about Kurt Angle. That tells me maybe Kurt Angle is just not well liked. I mean Batista even done some bad stuff in Pro Wrestling an CM Punk still said his name but nothing on Kurt Angle.