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JR Blog: Monday’s Go-Home RAW, Does JR Hate Michael Cole?, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Do I hate Michael Cole? No. I really try to not be a ‘hater’ as I’ve worked with too many people in my life that were. They’re no fun to be around. Cole is in a challenging spot trying to raise his game to the level of the antagonist Lawler, Cornette, Ventura, Heyman, JBL, and Bobby Heenan. I do know that our three man team will evolve on Raw nicely. Thsi has zero to do with some, like me by and large, who prefer a two man announce team. I’m not a big fan of the three man booth on Monday Night Football, BTW.

– Do I prefer reality based sports entertainment or the ‘bigger than life’ spectacle style of presentation? Reality based by far. Not big on eye rolling, “are you kidding me?” type presentations. The more believable and more plausible the better for me.

– Will JR and Michael Cole have a ‘blow off match?’ Good Lord, I hope not. Why continue to punish the audience? That ship has sailed plus after a 2nd abdominal surgery only a few weeks ago that’s the last thing that I need to be doing. Here’s a novel idea, how about more wrestlers getting in the mix?

– I’m looking forward to being in San Jose for Raw Monday night as the last Raw before a PPV is usually a strong effort. The success of Summer Slam largely rests on the shoulders of CM Punk and John Cena notwithstanding the Smackdown main event of Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Title. I’m anxious to broadcast the longer bouts that are often featured on PPV. I don’t know the announce team assignment for Summer Slam but I’ll prepare like I’m going to do ’em all.

  • phoenix

    Im not a fan of JR either but the fact that he is saying they need to put more wrestlers out there instead of bogus storylines like him and cole is what i like to hear.

  • Digger

    @CC, spot on with Lawler, theres no inbetween for that guys it’s one extreme to the other.

  • CC

    I’m not a big fan of JR the announcer, but I do agree he is the voice of WWE. And quite frankly, as much as I dislike all his stupid “catch phrases”, if you can call them that, he is a damn site better than the likes of Cole and Grisham.
    Although the team of JR and King is kind of iconic, I still hate Lawlers voice with a passion, and would much prefer a commentary partner like Heyman or JBL, as they both understood that you can be a heel and still compliment face wrestlers. Lawler just cannot do that he is shit as a heel commentator and shit as a face commentator as he is just too biased towards the faces when he is a face and towards the heels when he is a heel. A face commentator should not be accepting of some of the things Randy Orton has done, and then condemn a guy like CM Punk when he does something similar.

  • venom

    WWE didn’t feel right without JR.