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JR Blog: Orton’s World Heavyweight Title Win, Hogan and WWE, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are some highlights:

– Do I think that Hulk Hogan will ever return to WWE? This is a classic, never say never answer IMO….BROTHER! Crazier things have happened BROTHER and one could theoretically see some sort of PR role for Hulk down the road. Who knows? Not something that I dwell on to be honest with you BROTHER.

– Owen Hart. He would have had a birthday a few days ago I’m told. The talented and proud Canadian was so underrated by so many seemingly until after Owen left us. I don’t know when or if an Owen Hart DVD will be produced by WWE due to the seemingly endless and on going legal/PR issues with his estate. Too bad in my opinion as Owen’s story would be a great one as he was one of the most well liked and skilled individuals I ever met in my career.

– Christian and Randy Orton had a great, TV match on Smackdown but I don’t buy into the ‘tragedy’ that some fans flooded us with here on our site due to Christian losing the World Title. It isn’t as if the loss ended Christian’s career and who’s to say that ‘Captain Charisma’ won’t regain the title at a later date? Those that truly understand the nature of the genre have a different mindset than those who are knee jerking themselves silly.

– Referees names on WWE TV are not provided to viewers because that is a long standing instruction from management. This isn’t a new development and has been this way for a long time. Next.

  • Bill

    Christian heel turn!

  • Jimbo

    So yes, WWE does think we’re all stupid.

    JR suggests that Christian, the guy that took so long to be given the chance to be champion, the guy that was never originally schedulded to even win the championship, is now going to win it back at some point? That is a direct insult to fans’ intelligence.

  • shawn

    i think Christian is going to retire. he started his career with edge and wants to end it and retire.. with edge. that would be loyal to a multi-year friendship.

  • Valo487

    @Andy, I understand what you’re trying to say, but there’s also an article on this very site that talks about WWE officials being surprised by the reaction. If they wanted this to happen, why the surprise? And the set up doesn’t make sense either, if they wanted the fans to get angry they’d have a heel win it, not the guy they want to build as their #2 face in the whole company. If they did this as part of a storyline, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Stashathan


  • ed risk

    The problems is that I don’t think he will qive him the oportunity. If WWE did this to then regain the belt and have the great run as champion as I know he can, then this is a great Story – Line, but the thruth is that vince dosen’t like CC to the point that he had to live WWE and proof his worthy in TNA. I do not want to go again to TNA, he can give more exitment then randy taking a beating and then rkoing 5 guys in 3 secondes.

    CC shouldent had been taken of the belt!


    You know I could see if this was a wrestler we all hate that lost the title in 2 days. Like we wouldn’t be this mad if this happened to the miz or del rio (well maybe del rio). But we were all behind Christian, happy to see him finally win the big one and see where he goes from here and then BAM, he loses it within 2 days (5 days on television). I find that to be disrespectful to both Christian and his peeps. I’m not watching WWE for a while now. Im gonna just look at the results on here.

  • @The Great One…and everyone else

    You guys don’t get it. Look – I’m just as pissed about Christian losing the title as the next guy – and that’s just the thing. This is EXACTLY WHAT WWE WANTED TO DO. They did something that they KNEW would rile up the fans. They gave us what we wanted, and took it right back – AND THEY GOT THE REACTION THEY WERE LOOKING FOR. Imagine now…months of Christian chasing the title, as opposed to just being thrown in the match. And finally, after all of the trials and tribulation…he wins it back once and for all. Can you imagine the EMOTIONAL PAYOFF that will give the fans? This isn’t Vince McMahon’s first day running the company – he knows what he’s doing. Just wait for it…I guarantee it will be worth it.

  • The Great One

    sorry but ill say it to whoever tries to justify this bullshit. FUCK YOU.

    I dont give a damn if this is a storyline, its a bullshit storyline and all that it has done is anger the fans and people couldnt care if it is a bigger story, sorry but are you telling me these fucking idiots at creative couldnt think of a better stroy than to take the fucking title off christian 2 days after he won the damn thing ?

  • Rucdogg

    He is gonna turn heel and prob have a huge title run, and its wrestling people calm down. i dont know what he was talking about with the refs names tho. they always say the refs name on tv, earl hebner? nick patrick? mike chioda? lil naitch charles robinson?

  • Valo487

    Once again, I’m saying this: If it’s part of a storyline they could have at least let the man hold the belt until the PPV, but it seems very obvious they just couldn’t stand to keep the belt on him. If it’s a storyline, I fail to see what they’re trying to accomplish with it, all they’ve done so far is anger fans and disrespect one of their most loyal workers.

  • Kawika

    the way christian left the ring could wwe be turning him heel soon?

  • Stevie

    What are you haters gonna say now? JR doesn’t “get it” either?