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JR Blog: Punk-Austin Comparisons, Randy Orton’s Timing, John Cena

Jim Ross is back with a new blog update on Here are just a few highlights:

– Is Randy Orton’s ‘timing’ the best ever in the business? Very subjective question that covers way too much ground for me to accurately answer if there even is an accurate answer. Randy does have innate timing but is Mr. RKO’s timing better than Randy’s Dad Bob Orton, Jr. in his prime? Timing and being throughly comfortable in the ring is a gift for many who seem to have it in their DNA while others have to work diligently to develop that in ring trait.

– Is John Cena THAT controversial? Depends on what context with which one is speaking but I’d certainly say that Cena is definitely a polarizing individual. There’s no mid ground as it relates to most fans opinion on Cena as they either like him or they don’t. As a former head of talent relations, Cena is a dream to work with and has a legit, blue collar work ethic.

– Is CM Punk the next Steve Austin? I hope not. I hope that Punk is simply the best CM Punk that he can be. The best for Punk has yet to come in my view. Punk being compared to Austin is inevitable because both are ‘defiant’ and ‘anti establishment’ persona’s but their in ring styles, body types, etc are distinctly different.

  • I’m beggining to hate JR…

  • Valo487

    Randy Orton’s timing the best ever? Maybe if every other wrestler on Earth retired.

  • venom

    The more JR mentions Austin and Punk, the more I think it might happen at Mania.