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JR Blog: Randy Orton Being Pulled from Elimination Chamber, Kofi-Jericho, HHH-HBK

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on Here are a few highlights:

– The HHH/HBK in ring segment was compelling. I could have listened all night to their interaction. This segment was a hit and provoked thought of which some fans are over thinking. Nothing new there..

– Seems as if Kofi/Jericho have some chemistry in the ring. Kofi is starting to step forward and hopefully he remains hungry and aggressive in those efforts. Jericho is already a star who is destined for big things likely sooner than later.

– It seemed as if I sort of drove up on Orton and Show squaring off in the ring. This is the bout where Orton got concussed and has now been eliminated from competing at the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday. Concussions are not and cannot be dealt with any way but seriously. WWE does a really nice job regarding talent’s injuries with a full time medical doctor at every event along with a certified athletic trainer.

– Saw on where Santino was replacing Orton in the Smackdown elimination chamber bout. That’s a jaw dropper.

  • Buttercastle

    Am I the only one that hopes Santino wins?!

  • J

    It should still be a good match. I know its too soon but I would love too see Cody Rhodes win a be a dual champion(Fantasy Wrestling League) Henry’s hurt and Sheamus is waiting for Wrestlemania. Maybe Barret. As long as somebody squashes Bryan. I have a feeling Bryan will retain which will make me break my TV.

  • Sean Mooney

    Somebody is going to take Santino out before he enters the match, but I am not sure who. Christian perhaps?

  • Diesel

    Well…. You know WWE are scraping the bottom of the barrel when you see Santino Marrella in the main event.

    I mean I like him don’t get me wrong (I wish they’d let him go back to how he was when he first started though), but WOW! Santino Marella in the main event title picture?? With all the talent they have on the roster they pick him?? What about William Regal (who I’m still hoping can have that one last important run), Drew McIntyre (make him important again instead of a joke), Mark Henry or Sheamus?? Hell I’d even settle for Booker T since Cody’s in their so they could do something using their recent feud.