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JR Blog: Ryback Receiving Goldberg Chants, If He Is Still Employed, and More

Jim Ross posted his latest blog, here are some highlights.

Being At SummerSlam: “Watched Summerslam in the THQ suite and did not miss announcing the show whatsoever. Loved watching the crowd and listening to them as well as the suites had no WWE video or audio. There’s no better marketing tool or focus group than the paying customers.”

Ryback receiving Goldberg chants: “Irony…Ryback gets @Goldberg chants (which I have no issue with) and gets knocked by some of my Twitter followers @JRsBBQ because his singlet is airbrushed ala RVD as if that’s a mortal sin. At the same time, the higher skilled Dolph Ziggler is compared to HBK, Billy Gunn and Curt Hennig because of his hair, attire, and in ring moves but that’s o.k. Too many fans have zero patience when it comes to the slow build for Ryback. Some fans want immediate results or so it seems. God forbid that they would have lived in the territory era when some main event programs lasted a year or more while some stars were built over a 12 month or more period of time.”

If he is still employed by WWE: “Yes I’m still employed by WWE, Yes, I love working in the talent development program, No, I don’t miss not being on Raw every week, Why, because unless you do it, air travel 51 weeks a year is a pain in the backside with security lines, oversold planes, the overall lack of customer service by some airlines, etc. For those that truly believe that I feel I’ve been ‘demoted’ because I’m broadcasting NXT and not RAW, you are sadly mistaken and misguided, trust me.”

  • CC

    The other difference with Goldberg is that he wasnt on his second or third gimmick. He came in as Goldberg and stayed as Goldberg.
    This is the second actual gimmick for Ryback and the third name he has used (used his real name in Tough Enough, then Skip Sheffield on NXT and in Nexus), so the build for many is a joke, because everyone remembers him as the comedy cowboy.

    As someone said above, you cant compare the territories days to now because the whole tv deal is vastly different. Worldwide audiences with two weekly main shows, 12-13 PPVs a year and god knows how many house shows, means that the format used in the territories would bore most fans to death if they drag something out too long.

  • Shawn

    Goldberg didn’t get his first title shot until he had accumulated 75 straight wins. Ryback has a little over 20. It’s never easy handling an undefeated star, but I think WWE will do their best. Can they do any worse than Goldberg losing via stungun from a drunk Scott Hall and a power hungry, egomaniacal Kevin Nash? Hopefully not.

  • Sammo

    JR forgets that in the era when wrestlers were built over 12 months+ the company wasn’t producing 13 PPVs a year and filming 2 weekly TV shows that feature named wrestlers v named wrestlers (ie not unknown jobbers).

    It’s a different business entirely. TV audiences are too saturated, thus viewers demand instant gratification.

  • VoiceoftheVoiceless

    JR shut the hell up up. Being compared to Goldberg is not exactly flattering. He is getting “over” the same way with s lame squash winning streak over nobodies. I swear i think “feed me more” is a rub by WWE feeding their fans this constant Shit.

  • The Showoff

    Hmm maybe because Dolph Ziggler has earned some fans respect over the last couple years with his skill and effort while Ryback hasn’t earned that respect yet. I actually like Ryback but come on I gotta be real.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    I don’t need “immediate results”, I just got a little bored of watching Ryback face jobbers for like 3 months. JR comes off as a bit of a prick on his blog and twitter. Maybe if he showed this kind of gumption towards Vince he wouldn’t get bullied so damn much.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Oh JR. You slay me.

  • Jimbotron

    Probably because guys like HBK were, you know, actually great wrestlers.