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JR Blog: Snooki Wrestling, Jeff Hardy’s Recent Issues, Kurt Angle

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Snooki Wrestling: “While Snooki’s in ring expertise may never be confused with many past or present WWE Divas, the value of having Snooki on the Wrestlemania card has already been established with the massive amount of main stream PR that the ‘Jersey Shore’ personality has garnered. I was amazed at how short Snooki was as she seemed to be cooperative and professional based on my limited observations of her.”

Kurt Angle Back in WWE: “Will Kurt Angle ever return to WWE? How would I or any one other than Kurt and the WWE decision makers know the answer to this? However, I’d suggest that most former WWE talents who had the chance to come back to WWE and earn a good, steady living would all entertain that thought. Angle’s greatest professional moments IMO were in WWE and him being able to finish in WWE might make for some compelling TV. Again, not my call.”

Jeff Hardy’s Recent Issues: “I choose not to respond in detail to recent TNA internal issues as I don’t follow their product closely nor do I know the actual details of what may or may not have occurred over the past few days. However, I do still profess to the philosophy that if one can’t solve a problem one must eliminate it.”

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    @Stephen I didn’t say that…. bill sucks did.

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    Bill yea well u got the suck part right if u think Cole is better then good ole jr u are on crack and u should be shot hardy sucks and is ruwning any his legacy

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    i hate jr. make a cole miner blog! he knows his stuff. jr, hardy rulz, snooki rulz, n angle sucks. there, i did my own blog. the chaingang blog! cena ruuls!

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    JR Rules! JR Rules!

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