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Jim Ross is back with another blog and Q/A update on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– As we speculated here, it seems, at least according to the INTERNET, that Steve Austin will return to Raw as the Guest Host in March in advance of WM26 and to promote the DVD release of his film entitled “Damage.” I assume this info is accurate but I have not talked to Steve about it but if it is true then it will be a good thing for Monday Night Raw and for Stone Cold which results in the desired win/win . We’ve already received some emails here asking if I would be a part of that particular Raw and my answer is a simple, non complicated, Gorilla Monsoon-esque, “Highly Unlikely.” Some fans are already busy producing the proposed Stone Cold Raw with me included which is drastically premature and high speculative. I will admit that mid March will likely be an interesting time for me on a professional basis. Steve and I have a great relationship and a long history together on WWE TV but he has his agenda and I have mine and the two don’t necessarily include the other at every turn in the road. That’s not a complaint but it’s simply real life.

– Been reading on line some interviews with those in the biz who feel that Cage Matches need not a winner via the stipulations set forth in the presentation. I could not disagree more. Cage Matches were created to bring about closure, literally and figuratively, and to have a disqualification in a cage match is wrong…in my opinion. Granted, my opinion may not be 100% accurate either but it’s my opinion nonetheless.

– I really don’t know what the future holds regarding broadcasting but I don’t think that I will have any issues finding ways to contribute no matter where I hang my hat. If there is not a viable role available for me to contribute in a significant way, I can easily move on to other projects. As I have said, time will tell but being back on Raw would be my preference.

  • scooter

    yeah then the rest of the show was epic so I guess you could tell that since it had to get better than the asylum

  • rko

    I am sick of Cole. I wish they would bring Joey Styles back, but I think he’s retired. Joey called the matches, but Cole oversells the wrestlers and sounds like he’s bj’ing every single face out there.

  • Notingham

    Couldn’t agree more about the the DQ in a cage thing… I was watching TNA’s big monday show… they start it off with a Steel Cage Asylum match… I think… cool! Some young talent who can probably do some cool things… then a few minutes into the match, which was impossible to follow because the cameras good barely see into the cage… the bell rings and there is a dq because a guy used a wand?


    I mean really? a cage match can end in a DQ? Beyond that, since there were like 7 other guys in the match, who was the winner? Dumbest way to start a show off ever… I sort of knew what to expect after that.

  • Joey

    Striker is an old school commentator. I like him. Grisham and Michael Cole are made for each other both in and out of the announce booth 😉

  • Leon

    the king and matt striker r the only commentators in the wwe is worth a dam…I just wish jbl and jr could of mixed it up….

  • scooter

    you know what I agree with the whole cage matter and I respect JR’s opinion he works for wwe but he’s always honest and if he had thought TNA did a good job (like the angle/styles match) he would say so

  • Ryan

    Cole was horrible on RAW!!!! when Cena put kingston in the STF Cole repeated everything he said twice!

  • Shawn

    Well then, we agree to disagree. Actually, I think many people would agree with me though. Remember, Striker and Grisham won a Slammy for their announcing (not that it matters, but they did). Also, the higher ups in WWE think very highly of Striker, that’s why he got the opportunity to join the broadcast team for the last few PPVs and even the Slammy episode of Raw. Everyone has their own opinion of what a broadcaster should be, should sound like, should do… hell, some people may even like Michael Cole! Ah, who am I kidding… that’s one thing we can ALL agree on. 😉

  • brody

    I couldn’t disagree more, Striker to me is the most boring, inane commentator pushed forth yet. He makes awkward comments that have no relation to what’s going on, he picks on microscopic, trivial details and tries to blow them up to ridiculous proportions, he’s uninteresting, and he doesn’t mesh well with Todd Grisham at all. There is simply no chemistry between the two men whatsoever, and it kills the presentation of Smackdown as a whole as a result. J.R. was the best Smackdown has had aside from Taz, and the announce team is showing its lack of quality without him. Striker is more than welcome to leave for raw, or announcer school, or clown college, or anywhere else for that matter. He drags down the show with his failure to perform.

  • Kyle

    Actually, Matt Striker is the best announcer after King and “Good ol’ J.R.” I would love to see him move over to raw instead of having Michael Cole there. He really bores me.

  • mark bristow

    shut up shawn striker wose than jbl

  • Shawn

    Hopefully when J.R. returns they put him on Raw with King and Cole and go back to the good ol’ 3 man booth! If not that, then I wouldn’t mind them moving Matt Striker over to Raw to complete previously mentioned 3 man booth and return J.R. to Smackdown with Grisham. Striker with the Raw crew on PPVs has been awesome, but I think he and Grisham do well together, so my first suggestion seems most favorable.

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    Nice, taking a jab at TNA.

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