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JR Blog: Tag Match at Extreme Rules, Crunch Time for WWE Rosters, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are some highlights:

– Great to see Edge fulfill his commitments and travel with WWE on this European tour to say adiós to his fans. I can still vividly remember hiring Edge and Christian out of Ontario back in the day and then signing them both to a full time deal one night at a TV taping under the bleachers of an arena that slips my mind at the moment. Edge has so much to give to the business and I’m relatively certain that WWE will utilize Edge’s many skills in the future.

– Hard to believe that some fans want to know what I’m wearing for our tag team ‘match’ at Extreme Rules. Haven’t given it much thought. My lack of grappling skill is going to make this a train wreck without fail. If I have to be in the ring with Swagger, perhaps I should wear a suit of amour but he would likely dent that just as he ripped my ankle that’s still sore after all these weeks. Hopefully Swagger sees the light and bails on Cole as the former Sooner has embarrassed himself enough with his relationship with the Syracuse grad. When one gets out of their element, as I will do in Tampa at Extreme Rules, it certainly creates an adrenaline rush notwithstanding some levels of self doubt as well.

– It is crunch time for several WWE Superstars to rise to the occasion and assume leadership and main event roles on both the Raw and Smackdown roster. I hope that we don’t hear from those that don’t take it to the next level that the sole culprit of them not making it was everyone but the Superstar themselves.

– There are so many potentially excellent talents now competing on WWE rosters but they all have to work diligently to make themselves special no matter the situation that they may find themselves in at any given time.

  • lew

    HHH damn sure isnt washed up

  • mikeed8986

    Triple H is washed up. He’s done. Undertaker had to carry him the whole way for that match at Wrestlemania instead of it being the other way around which it should have been. On camera he makes it look like he “had to tell Michaels” it was time but it seems to be the other way around. At least Michaels could still do everything he used to despite his previously injured back. Lay off the juice Trips. Michaels may be bald but he’s still got it.

  • The Rock

    @mc, Punk & Orton need to get back into the title picture. Jericho’s returning soon, & HHH needs to show up, too. As for Cena, he needs to get his candy ass whooped by The Great One!

  • M.C.

    I think JR meant that everyone needs to step up, or they’ll get fired. Remember, wwe releases a ton of talent around now. Plus, with edge gone, wwe needs more beef to the roster. r-truth, jomo, Ziggler, Christian, kofi, swagger, cody, & others have basically been mid-carders since 2008. They need to step up their game & be main-eventers. Cody & Christian are on their way, Ziggler & kofi just need a main event feud, r-truth isn’t really doing anything, I see a face turn for jack(which might help), & jomo destroyed his career & will stay a mid-cared for another yr or so. so yeah, JR is right

  • venom


    I thought the same thing there. Because we know Morrison will probably get held back and, blame it on Venis, and Trish.

  • donners

    anyone else think there was a dig at john morrison in jr’s blog there?

  • d

    Edge should either be a commissioner on raw or replace Teddy long as smackdown GM as Teddy has been GM way to long

  • Dave

    I definitely think Edge will end up announcing down the road. He seems like a perfect fit for that job.